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Tuesday, 17 April 2012






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Nothing good ever comes of violence
                                       - Martin Luther


Medicinal aspects of genuine White Coconut Oil

In the mid 80s, Sri Lankans, even those who were health conscious, were scared off from the use of coconut oil due to incorrect propaganda spread by US based Soya oil and Corn oil producers. They were made to believe that coconut oil, which was the traditional cooking oil used by our ancestors without any complaints for as long as recorded history shows, were harmful to health.

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Merging galaxy baffles scientists

A new study has pointed to previously unseen behaviour by concentrations of dark and visible matter in the formation of a merging galaxy cluster 2.4 billion light-years away. Scientists were baffled by the merging galaxy cluster known as Abell 520, where concentrations of visible matter and dark matter - the invisible substance that makes up much of our universe - have apparently come unglued.

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‘Sociopath next door...’

They are not necessarily destructive:

A sociopath in the family can wreak havoc and destroy the family. They can be in your workplace too. They can be professionals, entrepreneurs, politicians and your spouse and your own family members. They have no conscience, they don't care about others and they don't feel guilty. According to research up to 4 percent of the general population are sociopaths and most of them go undetected.

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T Sabaratnam’s first death anniversary:

Journalist who was an inspiration to the young

The first death anniversary of former Daily News Senior Deputy Editor T Sabaratnam was observed recently. Sabaratnam, on completion of his secondary education proceeded to Christian College, Madras to obtain his Degree. He joined the Thinakaran editorial as a trainee journalist in 1957 and contributed several feature articles to the paper. When late R Sivagurunathan was chief editor and P Balasingham was news editor, Sabaratnam functioned as a sub editor.

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