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Tuesday, 27 March 2012






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Trust becomes solidified when words consistently back up by deeds - George David Miller


US resolution - a travesty of the legal process

It is awful to have noted, according to news reports, that US was pushing and mustering strength to its resolution before the UNHRC Geneva against Sri Lanka: Can any citizen of Sri Lanka forget or overlook the fact, that this is the second time that the same allegations are being trussed up before the same forum, perhaps the only difference or change to note being that the US has taken over the leadership of the persecution.

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Magical pull of the Blue Black and Blue

“Memorable moments are always something either very bad that you can’t admit to, or something very good which were always good fun. The Thomian Fair belongs to the latter. I remember my first Thomian Fair which was an incredible event for me as a young boy and today it has got even bigger. Those kinds of events that college put on were certainly memorable and helped to build a kind of college spirit that led to the idea of the school, as something bigger than just the classroom that you are in,” stated the Warden.

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Grow native and reduce food miles

Globalization, started travelling across the world in 80s, has gradually come to an end, tiring and hotch-potch blowing, as expected by many. After only less than three decades, comparatively a short spell of time, this 'fits all' myth mounted unprecedented socio-political issues in the countries of Asian, African and Latin American, pioneered to adapt neo-liberalism.

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The passionate socialist

Feeling equipped now to fight for his own country's emancipation, he began the trek home in 1928 via England. There he was received with open arms by the Communists and became the colleague of Shapurji Saklatvala, the vitriolic MP for Battersea, as well as, Harry Pollit and the Dutt brothers all theorists of the party in Britain. For them he executed many missions in the capitals of Europe as an emissary of the CP.

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