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Friday, 22 May 2009

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President's assurance on peace welcomed

The whole country was overjoyed by the victorious triumph established by the Security Forces over the inhuman LTTE terrorists. The valiant Security Forces were victorious more than ever when they found the body of the terrorist leader, V. Prabhakaran a few days ago. People celebrated the victory over terrorism by sharing Kiribath, lighting crackers. But it is a dream come true of any Sri Lankan who was once cheated by the false Ceasefire.

The victory speech

The victory speech by the President to the nation of enjoying its long felt peace, has established assurance, peace and security. The lives wasted and sacrificed in the name of terrorism for a period of 26 years, will be rewarded and felicitated by many Sri Lankans. The rescue mission conducted especially to rescue civilians on the grip of LTTE, reflected the humaneness of Security Forces not just those who fight against a group of armed terrorists.

The President of Ceylon Workers Congress, Muttu Sivalingam shared his ideas with Daily News on this special moment. As a representative of Upcountry Tamils he sees the end of this prolonged war with a satisfactory note.

End of terrorism

When it comes to Tamils as well as to any other ethnic group, it definitely brightens up everyone's face with happiness. "I am pleased with the news that the Security Forces could put an end to this ruthless war. The waste of lives and murders took place in the guise of terrorism in Sri Lanka has come to a halt.

Further, I am happy to remark that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been so valiant and courageous to eradicate war in Sri Lanka," he said.

The civil war which continued for almost thirty years and the defeat of the most ruthless anti- Government rebel group in the world, have shown a silver lining over the sky of Sri Lanka. According to him the President is an exemplar of valiant leader and a 'leader to be' who has pioneered peace in Sri Lanka. The President of Ceylon Workers Congress, further said that the Government shoulders the huge responsibility of providing welfare to the internally displaced people residing in IDP camps at Vavuniya presently.

Immediate assistance

"The children, elderly people and women who are in need of immediate assistance have to be provided with necessary facilities. I think the President would give relevant attention on them as well. This is the time Sri Lanka needs more attention from countries in the world. Meanwhile funds are being needed to rebuild the houses of many people in the North and rehabilitate the LTTE cadres who surrendered themselves to the Security forces,"


"This is our Motherland, thus it belongs to every ethnic group. Therefore, all should be treated equally and given an opportunity to enjoy their rights equally. All differences including economic, social and cultural should be shed in this regard and discrimination towards any ethnic group should not be practised any longer."

"When we turn towards the problems suffered by the Tamils in the Plantation sector, many individuals are in dire poverty and do not enjoy their rights.

Some though, have O/L and A/L examination and qualification fail to find any employment other than being in the plantation sector.

There are more than 25,000 youth who drop out from schools and are unemployed," Sivalingam noted.

He further said that an assurance is certainly there since the President can tackle those challenges faced by many as he tackled terrorism. The vision of President Rajapaksa will address the challenges faced by people hereafter.

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  • President's assurance on peace welcomed





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