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Friday, 22 May 2009

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Lessons to be learnt

Brigadier Shavindra Silva and President Mahinda Rajapksa discussing a point while General Sarath Fonseka looks on.

Ven Dr. Welamitiyawe Kusaladhamma chief sangha nayake Thera of Colombo and Chilaw divisions, Chancellor University of Kelaniya and head of the Vidyalankara Pirivena, Kelaniya speaking to the Daily News said that the the terrorist group that plagued the country for three decades defeated in just three years gives the country and the world some lessons to be learnt.

If there was determination and dedication, there was nothing impossible to achieve.

The main reasons for the defeat of the most ruthless terrorist group of the world, the LTTE, was due to the determination and dedication of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the three armed forces,the Nayake Thera said.

As long as we remain divided there was nothing we could achieve. It is only by uniting that we could achieve any goal.

It was because the Army, Navy, the Air Force and the police worked as one group united to achieve a common objective that this victory was made possible. The Defence Secretary gave the services the proper direction to achieve it the Nayake Thera said.

Following the example set by our kings, President Rajapaksa took the correct decision without fearing for his life to protect the people of the country and he had the blessings of the clergy of all religions in the country as well as the good wishes of the people of the country so that he was able to face the internal and external pressures brought to bear on him, he said.

Therefore, it would no doubt be an example to the whole world to work towards a goal with determination and a firm will.

When President Rajapaksa on his return to the country from Jordan stepped down from the aircraft and knelt down and saluted the earth of the motherland it brought tears to the eyes of all persons who saw it. It clearly demonstrated his patriotic feelings, the Nayake Thera noted.

It was very clear that President Rajapksa was a Buddhist from the south he had the conviction.

He was the President not only for the Buddhists of the south but for all ethnic and religious groups of the whole country. In his address to the nation from the Parliament on Tuesday it was very clear that he stood for all the groups of our people.

He emphasized there were only two groups of people.

The first group loved the country and the other group who did not love the country, were the minority, he noted. The victory achieved by our armed forces gives all of us a challenge not only for the Government but for all citizens of the country.

If we could have defeated terrorism that plagued the country for 30 years in only 3 years the challenge could be met by not only the Government but by all the citizens of the country.

It was now necessary for all the groups of people to forget differences and unite to work towards the progress of the country.

We should all think that we are all children of mother Lanka and pool our strength and abilities to work for the development of our nation.

We should not only work to develop the North and East but to develop the whole country and to achieve amity so that terrorism will not raise its head again, the Nayake Thera noted.

Therefore we would like to give our best wishes and invoke blessings of the Triple Gem on President Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary, the commanders and members of the armed forces and the people of the country wishing for peace and prosperity for all of them, the Thera said.

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  • Lessons to be learnt





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