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Thursday, 25 August 2011






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THOUGHT for the Day

 Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment
                                          -  Jim Rohn


ĎNational policy to address the unemployment problemí

The Channel 4 videos and the Darusman Report are a combined effort and a product of the LTTE diaspora, and also a reaction of certain Western countries. These documents are totally fabricated and created on imaginary incidents, statistics etc. These documents are aimed at destabilizing Sri Lanka, as the government did not give into pressures during the final days of the humanitarian operation,

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The Morning Inspection

Itís all about who is your kind of tyrant and who is not

Dissatisfaction with the Libyan leadership is no doubt a part of the story, but impoverishment was not. Libya, post-1969 not only cleared the nation of all foreign military presence, but put in place processes that resulted in a remarkable improvement in living standards. The most pertinent fact is that Libyans are certainly not in charge of script-writing the rebellion nor will they be masters of the outcome. Itís now months since anyone spoke of the Security Council resolution regarding the use and abuse of Libyan air space,

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Zakath in reality eliminates poverty

The distribution of Zakath and charity is authentically performed during the month of Ramadhan (Fasting Month). The Holy Quran expressly enjoins that wealth should not be permitted to accumulate and it ought to be kept constantly in circulation. It does not permit any person to leave the whole of his property to one out of several heirs and even to augment the share of one heir at the expense of another. It seeks to bring about equitable adjustments in distribution of wealth, through Zakath, alms and charity,

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