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Peradeniya 1966 batch meets after four decades

The maiden get-together of Peradeniya University 1966 batch in all faculties is scheduled to be held at 9.30 am at the Arts Theatre at the University on Sunday August 28, 2011. We are going to meet on this day after four decades of our graduation.

The strength of friendships built at a university is so stronger than anywhere else. The ‘66 batch passed out in and around 1970 which depended on their course of study. Reminiscences revolving around university life are amazing.

We were enjoying a real the best university life full of ecstasy, respect and enhancing knowledge. Every two students were given a room in a hostel and made us relish absolute comforts.

Peradeniya University

Rooms were not over-crowded as it is today. Food was served at the dining hall setting on tables similar to a wedding. The cafeteria system was introduced later and the situation changed drastically. The amazing outlook of the paradisiacal environment made us flabbergasted. Peradeniya was the most beautiful campus not only in Sri Lanka but also in Asia.

Valuable messages

We leave some valuable messages to the present university generation. First, we were ragged by our honourable seniors and later we too ragged the new batches. However, we used ragging as a tool of building up friendships. After two weeks of fresher’s arrival, we held a get-together in halls of residence to mark the friendship with them. We had affiliation to many political parties prevailed at that time; we argued, shouted and enriched our own experiences. We never resorted to inhuman and beastly ragging demoralizing the newcomers.

The whole batch has already discharged their life long energy on behalf of the motherland and human beings in general. We have already become the Senior Citizens who are counting around 65 years of age in our life.

Some popular and famous consultant doctors, engineers, lawyers, administrative officers, secretaries to several ministries, auditors, artists, bankers, businessmen etc giving leadership to the country today were among those unnoticeable students during our period in the university.

Convocation ceremony

The present students must understand that you will undertake all these positions in transition. This is our massage to the current custodians of Peradeniya University. The present graduate generation must believe that you are gradually reaching to influential positions in state and private sector demanding your service for the benefit of this country.

This shows that the future of this country is in your hand. Make the university a centre of intellectuals in the world. Our parents and we were so proud to claim ourselves as ‘a University student’ at that time because we were so respected in the society.

We believe that we were so fortunate to have studied during that period at Peradeniya for the reason that we studied from the most learned scholars, professors and lecturers.

They were as same as Mobile Encyclopaedias. Prof. D E Hettiarachchi, Ediriweera Sarachchandra, Prof. E O E Pereira, K N Jayatilaka, Prof. H A De S Gunasekara and many more with international repute were some among those pedagogues who brought bliss to our lives.

I should also mention here a heartbreaking issue, a grave miscarriage of duty on the part of Peradeniya University that a convocation ceremony was not held to confer degrees to our entire ’66 batch.

We kindly request the Peradeniya management to hold a convocation ceremony for our ’66 batch to be ‘better later than never’.

Our ’66 batchmates can contact the following telephone numbers to get more details of the get-together. 0714039898/ 0718007997 email: [email protected]

- H Wilson Thilakaratna
Organizing Committee



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