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It’s the kite season

Dear children,

Are you enjoying your holidays? I am sure you must be having a great time.

August is a very important month for Year Five students as the scholarship exam was held last Saturday.

I hope you did your Year Five scholarship exam well and will come out with flying colours. I am sure you will make your parents very proud of you.

August is generally considered as the kite season. Many of you boys must be busy making and flying kites of different colours and sizes.

Remember children, kite flying may be a whole lot of fun but being in the hot sun for too long is not very good for your health.

Children, while flying kites in paddy fields be aware that you can get infected by rat fever.

Do not neglect your homework, otherwise you will be out of touch with your studies.

Make sure to do some reading during your holidays. It will help you improve on your language skills.

Reading a good book is like listening to your favourite singer.

Spend your leisure time wisely and make the most of it. It will greatly benefit you. Have a great week.

Bye for now.

Aunt Anji

Stories from religions

Read a book with me

Hello everyone,

Can you remember sometime back we read some Jataka stories from Buddhism? So this week, let’s read some stories from Christianity. I’m sure all of you know what the Bible is. Generally, you can say, it’s the most important book in Christianity. The Bible has so many stories from how God created the world to how Jesus Christ saved the humankind.

However, we’re not going to read the Bible today. Maybe you have already read at least a part of the Bible or some sections from it. Anyway, today we’re going to read The Young Puffin Book of Bible Stories told by Pat Alexander and illustrated by Anthony Kerins.

In fact, there are many simplified versions of the Bible, and books with Bible stories - some especially written for children. When I was a child, I read many such stories, stories from the Bible and other Christian stories as well. I used to love them because the stories are told in a very interesting manner and the pictures are very colourful and attractive.

The stories in The Young Puffin Book of Bible Stories are written in ‘simple language’ with a good flow. I find the way they are written very interesting. You feel like reading them at a stretch when you take this book into your hands.

I think this is a good book for children who want to learn the ABC of the Bible before reading the Bible itself, to anyone who wants to learn about the Bible, anyone who wants to learn English and for everyone interested in nice little stories.

The Bible, like many other religious texts, has influenced literature to a great extent. In English literature there are many borrowings from the Bible.

If you are familiar with English literature from the Western world, you would know this. So many novels, short stories, plays and poems are heavily influenced by the Bible. So, unless you are familiar with the Bible you are going to miss out a lot when you read these.

Can you remember when we read the Jataka stories I told you to think of the things you can agree and disagree with, in the stories you read? You can do the same when you read these Bible stories also. Think of what you like and dislike about the things you read, and why. And, try to find stories from more religions and do the same.

This will be a good way to learn about different religions, people and societies.

Thinking is the key to knowledge. Do you agree?

Have a great time with your reading this week!

See you soon! – Gayathri

The third annual concert of Learnium International School was held at Bishop’s College auditorium recently. Here students participating at the concert. The Little Flower Early Childhood Development Centre of Keells Housing Scheme, Enderamulla - Wattala conducted its Kiddies Exhibition on August 6, 2011. On display were creative exhibits that demonstrated the talents of the pupils. The exhibition was facilitated by the Principal and teachers of ‘Little Flower’.
Little Deumi is seen interested in the jungle fowl, one of the several items at the annual exhibition held at Dehiowita Asuntha Montessori School recently. Principal of Asuntha Montessori Rev. Sr. Samanthi along with her teaching staff organized the exhibition which was visited by parents and children. Picture by Dehiowita correspondent A drill display was one of the highlights at the Kids Fiesta Joyous Moment of the College of HIWO, an English Education Academy in Akkaraipattu held at Akkaraipattu Al Munawara Junior College recently. Here some students performing at the event.

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