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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

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Asian Pacific Children's Convention in Fukuoka - Japan

The Asian Pacific Children's Convention (APCC) is a non-profit making organization established in 1989, in city of Fukuoka, Japan to celebrate Fukuoka City's 100th anniversary. With the slogan of "We are the BRIDGE: We connect dreams around the world," this is among the largest conventions in the world which are organized for the children.

Main objectives of APCC:-

* To carry out a project encouraging exchange between children from the Asia-Pacific region.

* To generate appreciation for the cultures of other nations and regions, with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and friendship.

* To realize world peace and co-existence through cultural and educational exchange activities.

Since 1989, the APCC is held annually in the city of Fukuoka with the participation of over 500 children from around 50 countries in the Asian-Pacific region. From Sri Lanka, eight students who obtain the best results in the Grade five Scholarship examination get the opportunity to participate in this convention.

These children, known as "Junior Ambassadors (JA)", get to take part in various events such as Exchange Camps (where all the JAs have inter cultural activities), home stay program (where each child spends a week with a Japanese family), school visits and many more.

The other main project of the APCC is the 'Mission Project' where teams of Japanese children travel to the countries, which take part in the APCC and experience their different cultures. Sri Lanka hosted for two Mission Projects in the year 2005 and 2006.

From 1998 onwards, selected former Junior Ambassadors are also invited to the convention as "Peace Ambassadors" (PA) who also join in various activities. To establish a worldwide network of APCC participants, "BRIDGE Club" (BC) Project was formed in the same year. BRIDGE Club Japan is the main BC and the immediate next BC to form was BRIDGE Club Sri Lanka (BCSL) then followed by some more countries.

Main objectives of a bridge club:-

* To foster leaders with a global perspective who will shape the world in the future.

* To build a network of "Global Citizens" free from religious, political and economic restrictions.

* To expand this network across the world, establish a circle of friendship and work towards creating a peaceful society.

BCSL consist of all the participants of Sri Lanka to APCC since 1989. This is a club operated under the guidance of Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka and has organized a vast number of projects such as:-

* Lectures/seminars on peace/educational

* Donations to the poor

* Awareness programs

* Blood Donation campaigns

* Free medical clinics

* Environmental Protection

APCC together with all the BRIDGE Clubs is a wide network of such social services that enables and encourage children to participate in volunteer work, broaden international relations and thus spread the message of 'Peace and Co-existence' throughout the world. To expand the APCC's service further, BRIDGE CLUB International Organization was formed at the event of 20th Anniversary of the APCC in last year.



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