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Earthslip havoc in Asgangulakanda

Part of the kitchen of a house in the foot of Asgangulakanda in Eheliyagoda which was buried after an earth-slip caused by continuous rain. 
Picture by Nimal Wijayatunga, Eheliyagoda special correspondent

LTTE continues killings, shootings

by Ranil Wijayapala

Latest reports from the North-East confirm that during the last few weeks the LTTE pistol gang members have stepped up their terror campaign against political groups and civilians holding anti-LTTE views.
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Fertilizer to farmers at concessionary price

by E.Weerapperuma

Despite the increase in fertilizer prices in the world market the Freedom Alliance Government has decided to provide fertilizer to farmers at a concessionary price bearing the additional cost.
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Ranil abandons unique opportunity - Zuhair

Opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has regrettably abandoned a unique opportunity of exploring a Southern consensus and presenting a united front when talks with the LTTE, are resumed said former MP M.M. Zuhair, PC.
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Who ever wins, no change in US policy to Sri Lanka

by Bharatha Malawaraarachchi

Who ever comes into power at the forthcoming Presidential election, there will be no change in the United State of America's policy towards Sri Lanka, observed Prof. Clyde Wilcox of the Georgetown University in a tele-conference interview with a group of Sri Lankan media at the American Centre Monday.
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