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Tuesday, 16 October 2012






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THOUGHT for the Day

He that would have the fruit must climb the tree - Dr. Thomas Fuller


Absenteeism and employee counselling

It must however be borne in mind, that once an employee’s services are terminated, a replacement has to be recruited and there will be waiting time until the new recruit completes his training. All this is cost incurred. Another is the social factor - a family has lost the earnings of its breadwinner.

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Reminiscences of Gold

Master-builder of the Human Genetics Unit

Walking up the stairs of the Faculty of Medicine, which reminded me of a colonial English Mansion with an imposing regal atmosphere, I finally found the Office of the Dean.

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‘Not at all possible to replace President’

I have listened to the Speaker’s speech, which was made in Parliament. That was very clear. He never accused anyone and what he said was, whatever happened, take steps to make sure that issues was amicably and respectfully settled, in keeping with each one’s dignity in place.

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Cancer treatment

At present cancer is considered as one of five silent killer diseases (heart ailment, hypertension, diabetes, HIV Aids). There is no permanent cure for these ailments, but they could be controlled. In the case of cancer, like HIV the side effects due to treatment (heavy dosage of strong drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc) are high and patients usually get disheartened during treatment and refuse to cooperate.

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