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Tuesday, 16 October 2012






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Cancer treatment

At present cancer is considered as one of five silent killer diseases (heart ailment, hypertension, diabetes, HIV Aids). There is no permanent cure for these ailments, but they could be controlled. In the case of cancer, like HIV the side effects due to treatment (heavy dosage of strong drugs, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc) are high and patients usually get disheartened during treatment and refuse to cooperate.

I quote below the story of a British woman named Jessica Richards who was completely cured from breast cancer by controlling her diet plan. She was informed by her doctor that there was a lump in her breast that was malignant. She was prescribed chemotherapy, possible removal of lump in her breast, radio therapy and a dosage of injections. She refused to accede and followed the following diet programme going against the advice of the doctor:

a) Complete avoidance of sugar and sugar products. Even fruits which contained sugar were avoided;

b) Avoidance of dairy products

c) Intake of vegetables with leaves, small grains, food rich in fibre, food with high alkaline acids, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage etc;

d) Vitamin C injections which was considered as a substitute for chemotherapy was taken.

After two months, she was informed by the doctor that there was vast improvement in her condition and within a year the traces of cancer was invisible. She even stopped the Vitamin C injection.

She has written a book 'the topic of cancer' in 2011 (ISBN 10: 0957064403, ISBN 13: 978-0957064409), for the benefit of the public at large.

Recently an Indian doctor has declared that regular consumption of Manioc prevents cancer.

The manioc should be skinned and properly cleaned and cooked without using aluminium vessels. The usage of aluminium vessels to store/cook food is said to have adverse effects.

The usage of plastic bags for packing food which contains high acid is bad.

Non-stick containers where the non-stick layer has begun to peal should not be used either.

It was reported many years ago in the Readers Digest that a patient had recovered miraculously by continuous meditation saying that his red copper cells were fighting his white copper cells. It was also mentioned that usage of anti-perspirant also caused breast cancer among other things. Since cancer is also hereditary marriage amongst blood relations should be discouraged.

A report revealed that if two members among blood relations have cancer, that others should go for regular checkup. This information is given for the attention for medical experts, enabling them to formulate a programme to prevent and control cancer without going in for strong treatments impeding on the quality of life of the patients.

It should be noted that the vaccine for small pox was invented by a doctor who listened to a conversation between two women where one said to the other that she would not get small pox as she had cow pox when she was young. It is hoped that this report also achieves similar results.


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