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Tuesday, 10 April 2012






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THOUGHT for the Day

Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there
                                    - Virginia Burden


Forging a Lankan identity towards national unity

At a recent ceremony where 2000 housing deeds were distributed to those who had paid up their NHDA loans, President Mahinda Rajapaksa requested all Sri Lankans, whether they are from South, North, East or West to rise against the situation that has arisen in Geneva. He added, "It is the paramount duty of Opposition political parties to rise with the people to protect the country putting aside religious, ethnic and political differences".

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Trail-blazer in development thinking

This week’s Reminiscences features Godfrey Gunatilleke, a distinguished former civil servant and the founder of the country’s oldest independent think-tank, the MARGA Institute. In our interview he wished to talk little about himself but more about the times he lived through.

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Tuberculosis detection, treatment and control:

TB toll: two million lives annually

Tuberculosis is probably the most ancient and vicious foe the world has ever had the misfortune to encounter. The disease has afflicted mankind from the time man first evolved from the simian species (i.e; the ape), proven by evidence of the disease in mummified remains of Neanderthal man and Egyptian mummies. The disease has killed more people than all the world wars combined, and depressingly, more people die of the disease in the 21st century, despite astronomical advances in medicare and therapeutics, than during any of the preceding millenia, when no treatment at all was available.

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Police Day and Malays’ contribution

The Police Commemoration Day fell on March 21, 2012. Every year PC Sahaban's name, appears in the print media on Police Commemoration Day as the first policeman who was killed by, the Lieutenant of Sardiel, on March 21, 1884 at Mawanella.

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