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Father's Day

Hero of a lifetime

Happy Fathers' Day:

Our first hero Your son, Gabriel loves you very much, because you are a SUPER DAD

Channa Rodrigo!a

Many have him and some don't. The ones who do, I say are very special and have done good to have him in their life. He becomes a girl's best friend immediately and to a boy, he becomes someone who they look up to but never show it because they want to be a man just like him.

And the name he is referred to by children are Dad, Father, Papa, Dada and to Sri Lankans as Thathi, Thatha or Appachchi. And this Sunday, the whole world gets together to honour him and show him how special and important he is in our lives.

Thathas can be very strict on the outside. They show toughness and some never show their feelings from their facial expressions but at very hard times they do come out and that's when you know how much he appreciates and loves you more than anything in this world.

For some girl's its very easy to get their Thathas to show their feelings because they are always referred to as their "baby" and "daddy's little girl"...but for the sons....it's not the same - unless the Dads a softy. To me, my Thathi has always been super strict (still is). But the strictness has always been for a very good reason - to make sure we don't fall into any trouble and mingle with the bad crowd. A Dad is always the pillar of strength, the one that tells you to fight back when you are put down, the one that makes sure everything is perfect in your life and the one that always wants us babies in their life.

This Sunday marks World Father's Day and I know that there are many who are eagerly waiting to celebrate this big day and show their Dad how big he is in their life. And I managed to get a few to write about what they think about their dads. Enjoy and wishing my dad Kirthi Hewamanna and all Dad's around the world a Happy Father's Day.

This is dedicated to my loving Dad Melvin Nicholas

Dada you're a person loving and kind,
Dada you're someone who listens when I talk,
You're my friend the best of everything,
I am so proud of you,
When things go wrong Dada you are patient, helpful and strong,
Dada your love plays a part in my heart,
Each year that passes I'm glad to have you as my dad and friend,
I pray for you, ask God to keep you in good strength, because I love you dada,
You're a very special dad,
I just want you to know that you are the greatest and great in every single way,
You are truly the best dad in a million and YOU deserve this special day.

Thank You Dada

My Hero

Number of 'HERO' labeled people
Entered my life garden
In different incidents
For different purposes...
Among all of them
You were the first
And the only one
Who had the same spelled label
With an eternal meaning...
Even being the first
You neither plucked any flowers
Nor fruits...
You just looked at it to please your mind,
And marked only unremarkable footprints...
After all, you never gave me
The feeling of disappointment
For letting you in...

Thank you Thaththa

To my Dada Paul Yogarajah - Dada you are the best

Dada I feel you in every breath of mine,
My life is hidden under your shadow,
I pray for you as long as I live,
A light of a candle of love let my heart be filled with
nothing but your love dada.
Dada you mean so much to me you guide me always
The mist will drift across the hills,

Dada we shall never be apart
Through smiles or tears, no one can blow you away from me,
My dada you're the rich and golden glow that fills my heart with
special love that overflows,
I want to thank you for the timeless, limitless love
and care you have given me,
For I am still and forever will be you ever-loving dada's
little patties girl Meleza
I love you dada...you are simply the best and no one can
ever be you.


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