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Complaints against Police:

NPC assures public of justice

The newly formed National Police Commission (NPC) assured the public that it would make all effort to ensure that justice is done with regard to public complaints against the Police.

Since February 23, 2012, the NPC has received 224 public complaints and they have identified 129 of these for investigations.

Senaka Walgampaya

NPC chairman Senaka Walgampaya PC during his first interaction with the media yesterday, said the public could approach his Commission with confidence.

He said his Commission would be truly independent and there would be no room for political or other interference in its affairs.

“Following investigations, the Commission’s findings and recommendations would be forwarded to the Inspector General of Police and Public Services Commission for action. There would be a follow-up mechanism to see whether appropriate action is taken,” he added.

Anyone found guilty of trying to influence NPC investigations could come under a sentence of up to seven years of imprisonment and a fine of Rs100,000, NPC secretary D M K B Tennekoon said.

Walgampaya said not only civilians, but Police officers too could complain to the commission if they have any grievances such as interference in their investigations.

He said the NPC would present its observations and recommendations on complaints to Parliament and the President periodically. They would also release an annual report.

The newly appointed seven member commission held it’s inaugural meeting on March 1, 2012. The NPC meets every Wednesday to look in to the matters under its purview.

The NPC has devised a method to place complaints into three categories and have set a time frame to investigate them. The number one category complaints are to be fully investigated within one month and second and third within two and three months.

They have appointed 10 provincial directors and have established offices to receive public complaints . Offices in the North and East too are to be shortly opened.

The offices would be manned by senior and eminent public servants. The IGP has also agreed to provide a senior Police officer exclusively to help the NCP investigations at its head office.

Walgampaya said the public who complained against the Police during April 2009 to February 2012 in which period the NPC did not function can re-direct their complaints if they are not satisfied with the outcome of the concluded investigations. outcome.

He said the NPC could not investigate any anonymous complaints and urged the public to approach the commission with confidence. The NPC would also provide legal advise to the public if needed.

The NPC is empowered to entertain and investigate Public Complaints against the Police Force or police officers and provide redress to the affected parties according to the law. In accordance with the powers vested in it the NPC has also drafted new “Rules of Procedure” for Public complaints. The rules will be published in the Government Gazette and will become operative shortly.

According to the Chairman, the NPC also gives support to transform the Police Force into a disciplined, credible and community responsive service by entertaining and investigating public complaints against the Police Force or Police Officers with a view to upgrading Human Rights, Public Accountability and respect for the Rule of Law.



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