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Thursday, 24 May 2012






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THOUGHT for the Day

When women thrive, all of society benefits, and succeeding generations are given a better start in life
                                         - Kofi Annan


Psychosocial problems of Child Soldiers

In war and violent conflict, children are traumatized by such common experiences as frequent shelling, bombing, helicopter strafing, round-ups, cordon-off and search operations, deaths, injury, destruction, mass arrests, detention, shootings, grenade explosions and landmines.

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Socio-economics scene

Girls’ school uniforms

If there is one particular item which causes the most pain to the parents of any schoolgirl, it must be her school uniform. This garment must be kept clean and creased despite the dirt and the dust and the child’s play activities.

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In Focus

Clunk-click saves life

New regulations will apply to all regular driving licence holders. In this regard the Licensed Driving Schools and their Instructors will have to be thorough 100 percent to inculcate the traffic law into the minds of their learner drivers. Today, it is not a rare scene to observe a Driving School vehicle with an instructor sitting next to the driver allowing the learner to proceed at roundabouts without giving way to the motorists approaching from the right! Good or bad drivers are born out of Driving Schools and in this respect it is equally important to monitor Driving Schools on an annual basis to double check on the qualifications of their 'Instructors',

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