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THOUGHT for the Day

The result of the educative process is capacity for further education
                                       - John Dewey


Education, democracy and human rights

The Chinese Philosopher, Confucius, once said, “If your strategy for the future is for one year then cultivate paddy. If your strategy is for ten years then grow trees. If your future strategy is for 100 years then what you must invest in is education”.

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The Human Dimension

Whatever happened to the notion of hard work?

Hard work is anathema for most youngsters. They are used to instant solutions. Even in this internet age, it still takes hard work to compete in studies. Although there are many unethical devices on line where you can download essays and thesis scripts, it still pays off to put in solid work. As they say, do your homework right and you will be rewarded with results beyond average. The danger in forgoing hard work is clear – you may pass the initial barriers of exams but in the long term, you will neither benefit nor reap a harvest that always follows hard work

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Ananda was a symbol of a Buddhist Renaissance

The rapid decline of Buddhism and the near extinction of the Sinhalese was at hand until a few began to stand up to the repression. The Buddhist Theosophical Society, the Mahobodhi Society, the YMBA movement, the rise of several Bhikkhus with learning and courage began to revive in the Sinhala Buddhist - a feeling that the thing to do was to fight back with the same weapon the other had used – education,

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‘Be a vegetarian, to live within your means and be healthy’

It takes a little planning once you have set your mind to becoming a vegetarian. There is nothing too complicated to deal with but there are some important things to remember to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. These days life is a lot simpler to have a vegetarian diet plan so that you have a healthy, nutritious and exciting diet. Vegetarian diet plans do not need to be tasteless.

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