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Thoughts on Private Medical College

The professionals in the field of health are highly engaged in a battle against the private medical college at Malabe which commenced its function, two years ago. There are many in favour and against the institute and it looks like a mockery.

Few professionals who were in favour of it, pointed out that private medical institutes are needed to serve the students who fail to get admission to state medical institutes as these do not have the capacity to enroll more than 1,200 students of this stream. This amount is not sufficient to cater to the needs of the country's requirement of doctors as such the introduction of private medical faculties which can offer MBBS are a must to fulfill the gap they say.

It also has to be noted that some parents are not willing to send their children to state owned universities for many reasons but prefer to send them to private institutions if they are in a position to bear the cost.

This practice in another way serves best for another needy student who has gained required marks to enter the university.

In the meantime, these Institutes should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations specified by the Ministry of Health and the Sri Lanka Medical Council. This becomes a must as the doctors that pass out from these institutes are to serve the nation under specific conditions laid down by the Ministry of Heath.

Certain section of the professionals are of different view saying that PMSs are not the solution for the shortage of doctors and the government should take necessary steps to increase the intake. They also say that these institutions are not fully equipped to give the students the required education to qualify as doctors to serve the country's need. They further emphasized that private medical institutes have no clinical training facilities of teaching hospitals.

They must not make false allegations just to disrupt the education of students who are keen to become professionals in certain fields.

The Medical College at Malabe has got the approval from the relevant authorities for the functioning of the college according to reports published in newspapers which no one has denied up to date.

A Parent

Electric fence in Kala Wewa - considerations

This is to state that according to an article in the Sinhala newspaper the Kala Wewa is going to be subjected to a division. An electric fence is said to have been put across the Kala Wewa to prevent elephants coming to that part of Wewa because may be they are damaging the cultivation in the area. But this is certainly not a good way to protect cultivation. According to this article about 200 elephants who live in that area will die because they will be blocked by this electric fence. So this will be a crime of the highest order.

This is to inform the authorities to take action and order immediately to remove this electric fence. Elephants are part of our national heritage. We must prevent the destruction of 200 elephants.

G H de Livera



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