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Arrest Army deserters

Most criminal activities are committed by army deserters. Newspapers publish many stories about murders, robberies and rapes. The government has been giving several amnesties for them to surrender but the responses were not satisfactory.

It is high time the public co-operate with the government to nab these absconders as they are committing various heinous crimes. The government should make aware to the public about the nefarious actions of deserters and request them to provide information of their whereabouts to arrest them without allowing them to go scot-free.

The Army deserters who are living in our areas may appear innocent to us yet they are dangerous characters executing atrocious criminal activities out of our areas. In such executions the victims may be our friends and relations and we have to be in tears forever.

Therefore, with the good intention of protecting themselves and others citizens should inform the government or the Army headquarters of such army deserters residing in their areas.

Nazly Cassim Colombo 13

Carpet laying - Kandy road

A few days prior to the last Presidential Election several sections of A1 road between Kadawatha and Nittambuwa were asphalted, leaving abrupt ends with dangerous level differences on running lanes. There after a year later asphalting has started again, probably to complete the gaps not done during the Presidential Election.

Though this asphalting should be done as an overlay to existing pavement, to cover the existing carriageway width, at present laying is being done beyond the pavement width, i.e. over the shoulders too, which is just the disturbed natural soil. My concern is who has authorized to lay asphalt over just soil, without building up a pavement foundation?

Asphalting is a very expensive treatment, and laying process needs careful control of quality, the laying temperature, thickness, degree of compaction both laid asphalt and that of base etc. Who is responsible over the quality checks of these ongoing works along A1 road?

On the other hand because asphalting is done covering parts of shoulder, no space is left out for pedestrians, the most vulnerable road users, and now drivers negotiate the whole asphalted width, the way they prefer, creating a highly hazardous mobility for the poor pedestrians. It is high time; the Highways and Ports Ministry Secretary immediately looks into these practices.

A concerned citizen

Intransigent and fleecing trishaw drivers

Recently I read in the print media that the trishaw drivers are protesting against the installation of the Nano Cab Service in Colombo, and the President had promised to look into their grievances.

The reality is that trishaw drivers all over the island are fleecing the public at their own free will. Why donít they install fare metres in their three wheelers?

Installation of fare metres should be made mandatory. It will be a God send for the suffering members of the public. Let justice be meted out to all concerned inclusive of users of trishaws. The powers that be should not turn a blind eye to the grievances of the masses, especially the elderly folk who are compelled to avoid public transport due to infirmity caused by senile debility. After all, installation of fare metres would ensure a fair deal for both parties, the owner and the commuter.

Nanda Nanayakkara Matara

Rehabilitation of beggars

Beggars have invaded the city and they roam all over the city, specially at colour light signals, buses, trains, railway stations, shopping malls, bus halts, markets, beaches etc. Some time ago beggars were sent to Ridigama rehabilitation centre, and I wonder whether rehabilitating the beggars are still in operation. Some of the beggars are occupying bus halts as their permanent living place, and causing inconvenience to commuters. Beggars are also part of the community and circumstances have made them to beg. It is the responsibility of the government to integrate beggars into the community and take measures to give them vocational training in many trades, so that they could be self employed.

Karalasingam Sivalingam Nugegoda

Whither dual citizenship ?

Much has been written in the Print Media on this heart burning subject to some. There are some to whom an early solution is vital for their very existence including their children. The country of their birth will gain immensely if a speedy solution is found to this problem.

Some possess qualifications not only uncommon, but of world - class. They are languishing in hope not wishing to die in despair.

In any issue unpopular decisions have to be taken. That is to be expected.

An affected senior citizen



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