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Monday, 30 May 2011






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Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time
- Arnold H. Glasgow


Response to further excesses by Gordon Weiss in the Australian media

I read with some disappointment the account of your interview with Gordon Weiss regarding the situation in Sri Lanka in 2009. I believe, it was published on May 16. ABC then interviewed me on May 17, but I have not been informed as yet as to when that interview will be broadcast. I am also disappointed that, contrary to assurances given, ABC will not be supplying us with a copy or a transcript of the full interview. I believe the principle of freedom of information requires this, and it is sad to see a media outfit not prepared to ensure a fair playing field.

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Blessed are the resilient for they shall protect this land and our children

The days following the elimination of the LTTE leadership were justifiably joyous for a nation that had been plagued and held hostage by terrorism for three decades. Joy, however, is relative to place and person. I am thinking about the three hundred thousand plus who were in IDP facilities at the time.

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A submission in defence of the President :

The doctrine of Military Necessity during internal armed conflicts

The US State department reports have repeatedly reported about the paramilitary forces which are the Tamil militant groups who have been pampered by successive governments to have arms and in addition are provided State security because their militant organizations are registered as political parties. The survivals of these parties are by extortion, abduction and hired assassinations. Some of these Tamil Leaders are wanted Criminals in India however they hold office regardless of the Rule of Law.

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