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Entrancing experience for kids

Sunil Aruna Weerasiri on why movie making is no child’s play:

A child can ask questions which a wise man cannot answer. Kids are naturally adventurous and inquisitive. They have the capacity to bring quietude and joy to the world. Often considered as the messengers of God, a child can rift disputes and unite two enemy parties


* Jayalal Rohana

* Duleeka Marapana

* Ramya Vanigasekara

* Malisha Samaratunga

* Giriraj Kaushalya

* Sarath Chandrasiri

*Rodney Warnakula

* Janaka Ranasinghe

* Joe Abeywickrama

*Anula Karunatileke

*Priyantha Seneviratne

* Sarath Kothalawala

* Anura Bandara Rajaguru

*Saranapala Jayasuriya

* Upeksha swarnamali

* Nirdha Uyanhewa

* Pramudi Karunaratne

* Pramode MihirangaWeerasiri

* Kalana Gihan

* Santhush Dilhara

* Nayani Kaushalya

* Randhi Ushara

* Nakshitha Anjana

* Supun Chathuranga

* Sandun Sudaraka

* Tharaka Premasiri


Director and producer: Sunil Aruna Weerasiri

Story and dialogs: Lal Pagodaarachchi

Cinematographer: K D Dayananda

Editor: Ravindra Guruge

Assistant Director: Priyantha Pathirage

Art Director: Sumith Kudaligama

Production Manager: Kanthi Weerasiri

Production Executives: Lionel Gunaratne and Sumith Prasanna

Make up: Nimal Rajapaksa

Music: Rohana Weerasinghe

Choreography: Kulasiri Budawaththe

Lyrics: Ven Rambukkana Siddhartha Thera and Bandula Nanayakkarawasam

Vocals: Nanda Malini, Senanayake Weraliyadde, Tharshana Madava Perera and Rodney Warnakula

Sound effects: Aruna Priyantha

Still photography: Mahesh Nishantha

The child as an emblem of harmony is the theory which director Sunil Aruna Weerasiri expands on his maiden movie Tikiri Suwanda. The film rotates around a village lad named Tikiri. He is an orphan and lives with his relatives. Though he is brought up in an unwelcoming background all the village children are fond of him.

The movie opens to a mystery. A golden statue which Chulodara aka Baby Mahattaya had inherited from his ancestors disappears without a trace. Meanwhile Aponsu, a villager, enters Baby Mahattaya’s premises.

He is aware of Baby Mahattaya’s initial dislike towards Tikiri and decides to blame the theft on the boy. A plot is hatched. “Tikiri Suwanda not only addresses the children. It is also for the adult audience since it embodies a meaningful message ,” director Weerasiri shared his ideas with Daily News ‘Projector’.

Scenes from Tikiri Suwanda

Weerasiri had produced two films prior to Tikiri Suwanda. They are Sapata Dukata Sani (2001) and Clean Out (2003). He held a special screening of Tikiri Suwanda for children on October 1 to coincide with International Children’s Day.

“Nearly 800 children flocked to Savoy to watch the film. They were all quite taken with it. We handed out a form asking them to state their comments. The response is very positive. Even some of the experts in the industry commended me,’ Weerasiri noted.

The team had quite a refreshing time working with nearly twelve child actors in Colombo, Dambulla, Narammala and Kurunegala. Tikiri, the main role of the movie is played by newcomer Malisha Samaratunga. “We chose the children by calling for applications through newspapers.

Around 400 children were interviewed before finally deciding on Malisha for Tikiri’s role,” Weerasiri noted adding that it was indeed a challenge working with young talent. “You need to explain things in detail to the children to get the best output. That requires patience.

It was also a very pleasant experience to be among a lot of children as there was enthusiasm everywhere. I had a lot of backup from the veterans like Joe Abeywickrama,” he added. “I am already thinking about my next project. It will embody an entirely different storyline but it will also send a positive message across to the society.

You need to put a lot of hard work and dedication to a film.

If those elements are there then it is not an impossible task.”

Tikiri Suwandacomprises three songs: Uyan Dore Kal Balanne Ai, Mal Peedila Hada Madure and Thawthisa Pure. It will begin screening at Savoy cinema and other EAP theaters island wide after Ira Handa Yata.


Films for International Children’s Day

The National Film Corporation and the Monaragala Education Director had made arrangements to screen a series of children’s movies to mark International Children’s Day. Arumosam Vehi will be screening on October 6, Senthura Devi on October 7 and Madagascar on October 8 for free at H H P cinema, Monaragala, at 8 a.m.







Natalie Portman

Portman as Lois Lane

Natalie Portman might venture back into the world of superheroes, but this time - not behind a masked vigilante. The actress is rumored to be the next Lois Lane in the upcoming Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot.

Rumors add that Darren Aronofsky will be directing. The source goes on to say that they don’t think “talks have progressed beyond the suggestion of having Portman be Lois. They wanted her the first time around, this time they can get her - with Darren. But who knows where that’s at now...”




Chopra as Ravan’s sister

Priyanka Chopra

Ketan Mehta’s 3-D animated Ramayan The Epic has Ravan’s sister Shurpanakha looking similar to Priyanka Chopra.

Director Chetan Desai says, “In Hindu mythology, she was known as the most beautiful woman. We had to find someone as stunning as Shurpanakha. No Indian celebrity could be found to match her face. It was then that I remembered Priyanka in Aitraaz and how she looked then. I referenced Shurpanakha’s character from Priyanka’s basic looks in Aitraaz. “





From script writing to directing

Renowned movie script writer Sanjaya Lilaratne who penned the screenplays of movies like Demodara Palama and Aragalaya began work on his maiden movie as director with Selvam.

The Selvam team Picture by Tennyson Edirisinghe

The muhurath ceremony of the glamorous event was held at Waters Edge hotel recently. Minister Sarath Gunaratne, Minister Vimayagamurthi Muralidharan and NFC Chairman Kumar Abeysinghe graced the occasion.

A specialty of the film is that it would reunite experienced actors Malani Fonseka and Joe Abeywickrama on reel. Lukshman Mendis, Jayani Senanayake, Chandika Nanayakkara, Shalini Tharuka, Nadaraja Shivam, Vishaka Siriwardena and others will also be part of the cast. The director too will take a break from directing and portray a character.

Mohammed Mujahid will produce the movie which will be assistant directed by Jagath Ananda Senivaratne. The managing director is Dr Mohan Siribaddana. Jayanath Gunawardena is the cinematographer. Ranjith Wickramasinghe is in charge of the make up department. Ranjith de Silva is the art director and Nimal Padmasiri is the production executive. Rohana Weearsinghe will be the music director for Selvam for which Uresha Ravihari will render her voice for the title song.

The team is shooting in locations in the North.


Grace and Foy join Twilight:

Breaking Dawn

Boyfriends of Twihards everywhere, rejoice!

MacKenzie Foy

Maggie Grace

Maggie Grace signed on to play Irina, the new vampire threat to Bella, in the upcoming Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn directed by Oscar-winner Bill Condon.

In the books, Irina is part of the Denali coven - cousins of the Cullen clan and the only other “vegetarian” vampire group. But of course, relationships don’t last, even if you have the same diet.

Irina’s lover dies of something, so she does the logical thing and blames the Cullens.

Meanwhile Bella and Edward’s love child is very close to getting a face: nine-year-old MacKenzie Foy. Reports say that the young actress is inches away from signing on to play Renesmee, but there’s some confusion how she’ll play the part. In the books, Renesmee ages a full 17 years in only seven years. Some speculate that Condon will go all Benjamin Button and use CGI to depict the actress’ age.

Breaking Dawn will be split up into two parts with each adapted by screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

The first picture releases November 18, 2011, followed by the second on November 16, 2012.


Green light for Matra

Matra, a movie produced and directed by Kusumchandra Gamage launched its muhurath ceremony at Elphinstone theatre, Maradana, recently.

The cast and crew of Matra Picture by Malan Karunaratne

Udith Abeyratne, Udaysnthi Kulathunga and Himali Siriwardena play the main characters of the movie backed by Sanath Gunatileke, Duleeka Marapana, Srimal Vedisinghe, Dayasiri Hettiarachchi, Susantha Liaynawattha, Nilu Konalage, Ranjith Jayasekara, Maleesha Shankali and others.

The assistant director is Ranjith Jayasinghe, M A Gafoor is the cameraman, Densil Jayaweera is the editor, Sunil Samarakoon is the art director and Gamai Costa is the make up artist. Music is by Vijesundara Veeragoda.

Matra is the ninth movie by Gamage. His previous productions include No Problem Darling, Jayashakthi, First Love Pooja, Inspector Geetha and Godfather. Matra will begin shooting in Colombo, Matugama, Bandarawela and Nuwara Eliya from October 15.

Gamage’s latest movie Muthu Salamba will hit theaters at the end of the year.


Star Wars saga gets 3D makeover

After more than five years of teasing, Lucasfilm disclosed that work is under way on converting the Star Wars saga to 3D.

All six pics will get theatrical re-release in stereoscopic starting with Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which returns to theaters in 2012. Exact release date has not been announced, but a Lucasfilm spokesperson said the pic will open wide and “as close to day and date (worldwide) as possible.” The prospect of six Star Wars pics released in 3D should stifle speculation that the format is a fading fad.

It also promises to reintroduce the franchise to young auds who are used to 3D and only know Star Wars from homevideo and the Clone Wars Cartoon Network skein. 20th Century Fox will once again distribute. Variety






Vihanga Piyapath completes shooting

A scene from Vihanga Piyapath

Previously titled Piya Senahasata Kandulu Natha, Somaratne Ramanayake’s Vihanga Piyapath completed shooting recently.

The movie will begin its editing process at NFC’s Dalugama Studio. It will be editied by M S Aliman.

The film introduces Uditha Abeyratne and Gloria Hewapanna to cinema. Vijeratne Warakagoda, Gamini Costa, Keerthi Ranjith Peries, Richard Abeywardena, Chandima Nanayakkara, Chami Senanayake, Madhu Nithyani, Swarna Ranasinghe, Rohana Samanthasiri, Pasindu Vidyanjana, Ravindu Thathsarana, Randi Ushara and others are part of the cast.

Ramanayake had already made movies like Jaya Kothanada? and Sathiyakata Mata Rata Bara Denna. He had also produced a documentry based on dance expert Panibaratha. He even introduced popular actor Ranjan Ramanayake to cinema. Sathiyakata Rata Rata Bara Denna will begin screening at LFD cinema in December.



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