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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

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Lankan-Indian Navies on training exercise

Sri Lanka and Indian Navies conducted a training exercise in the Western sea coast yesterday to strengthen the relationship and co-operation between the two countries on the requests of the SLNS Commander and the INS Navy Commander.

Around 95 SLNS cadets and 141 INS cadets and officers participated in the training exercise ‘Cadex 09’ engaging two SLNS ships (Sayura and Samudra) and two INS ships (Shardul and Varuna) in the West coast of Sri Lanka.

”The training exercise had been conducted every year but this year it was delayed due to the war”, Navy spokesman Captain D.K.P. Dassanayake said.

He said 141 INS cadets and officers were divided into two groups. Part of them were at the Military Academy in Diyathalawa and the rest at the Naval Maritime in Trincomalee to learn and interact with the SLNS. Many activities have been organized between Sri Lanka and Indian Navies.

”They will also visit the Kotalawala Defence Academy during this training exercise,” Captain Dassanayaka said.

He observed that the training exercise among the cadets will usher the relationship, as well as provide more opportunity to share and understand the nature of naval activities. “These cadets will be the future naval officers.

When they happen to meet at sea on occasion a rising from a problem between two parties, it will be easy to solve the problem since they know each other and recognize themselves after going through such a training exercise,” he added. The SLNS and the INS ships conducting training exercises carried out ‘Jack Stay’ training exercise.

During this exercise Samudra and Varuna ships interacted and communicated in a position where both ships were keeping a distance on the same line by moving in the same direction and at same speed. ”This exercise meant that if any of the ships was in need of assistance on board the other was ready to help. If none of the ships is in need of assistance after they communicate they will go their separate ways,” he said.



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