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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

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CEA and Dialog Telekom in M-waste initiative

The Central Environmental Authority (CEA) together with Dialog Telekom PLC launched a joint venture to manage mobile waste (M-Waste).

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on Sunday between the two organizations at the Priyankara Hotel, Weeravila as the initial step for one year.

Dialog and the CEA will implement an islandwide program for the environmental friendly management of used mobile phones and accessories.

The Group Chief Executive of Dialog Telekom Dr. Hans Wijayasuriya said, "At present over ten million mobile phones are being used in Sri Lanka and one million phones are unusable.

The M-waste management program is in line with our company's commitment and focus to sustainable development. The mobile industry has delivered quantum dividends to our country in terms of economic and social development.

Environmental protection, the third tenet of sustainable development alongside economic and social development is given equal emphasis in the context of our development programs.

Dialog has made a significant investment in mobile waste management since the inception of the initiative in 2007. We look forward to working closely with the CEA and other Government and non Government agencies in implementing the M-waste initiative on a national wide scale."

Minister of Environment Partali Champika Ranawaka said, "The M-waste program initiated by Dialog Telekom, is one of the best examples how corporates can contribute towards preserving our environment through responsible business practices.

Proper management of electronic-waste plays an integral part in reducing the damage to the environment and we are extremely pleased to partner Dialog Telekom in executing this environment friendly waste management plan, which would minimize hazardous M-waste material reaching landfill sites.

The M-waste management program is the first of many such projects that would be implemented islandwide, using the funds collected under the Environment Conservation Levy," he said.

Through this agreement, the organizations would expand the waste collection network of Dialog and identify suitable locations to install waste collection centres, and improve the collection mechanisms.



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