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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

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Crossover UNPers strengthened my resolve - President

President Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday said the UNP parliamentarians who joined the Government after the 2005 Presidential election gave him strength to eradicate terrorism from the country.

A large number of UNP active members and councillors in Moneragala gathered at Pelwatte Sugar Corporation premises to meet President Mahinda Rajapaksa and pledge their support for the UPFA in forthcoming Uva PC election. Uva UNP PC candidate Jagath Liyanarachchi joined the UPFA and pledged his support in the coming election. Minister Jagath Pushpakumara, Katharagama Basnayaka Nilame Shasendra Rajapaksa, Minister Sumedha Jayasena, Minister Rajitha Senaratne were also present. Picture Sudath Silva

President Rajapaksa said 99 percent of UNP supporters except its leaders were in support of Government’s mission against terrorism.

The President was addressing the UNP supporters in the Moneragala district who joined the UPFA at the Pelwatte Sugar factory premises yesterday.

He said Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has integrated the Mahinda Chinthanaya into his new policy framework under a new name.

We are happy as he has accepted the Mahinda Chinthanaya at last. But the question lies whether it is an attempt to deceive the people of the country.

The landmark victory achieved by the Government in the Western and the North Western Provinces give clear indication that the people irrespective of their political affiliation supported the Government’s endeavour against terrorism.

The international community is eying us on how the people will respond to the Government at the forthcoming Uva Provincial Council Election which is the first election held by the Government after the Security Forces victory in the North.

President Rajapaksa said he has a duty to create a society which is well-disciplined and has high moral values.

He said over 2700 Security Forces personnel of all ranks made the supreme sacrifice for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Motherland during the humanitarian operation.

Our Security Forces unearthed large stocks of weapons and ammunition belonging to the LTTE terrorists everyday.

These massive hauls of weapons and ammunition demonstrate that the terrorists have planned to capture other areas in the country.

He said the Colombo district and adjacent districts were developed in the past and other districts did not receive the dividends of development.

The development should reach all parts of the island equally. He said the development and eradication of terrorism went hand in hand and no development was suspended due to the war.

We were engaged in eradication of terrorism while equal attention is given to the country’s development. He said the Government eradicated the border village concept and he is faced with the challenge of removing the concept of under-developed villages from the country.

Some elements wanted to construct an Airport in this area but it was confined to mere name boards. They did not have proper plans nor funds, he said.

The Moneragala district came under the Ruhuna before the Imperialists divided the country in district and province wise to facilitate administration.

We should uplift the people who underwent untold hardships and obstacles under the British Colonials in the aftermath of 1818 rebellion, he said.

The President said a society which truly love the country should be created.

A sense of patriotism should be infused to the minds of the younger generation.

Meanwhile, A large number of UNP stalwarts including 35 Pradeshiya Sabha members and former Provincial councillors joined the Government to ensure the victory of the UPFA in the Moneragala district at the forthcoming Uva Provincial Council election, yesterday.

These strong UNP supporters and the members of the local government bodies in the Moneragala district voiced their support for Shashindra Rajapaksa when they met President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Pelwatte Sugar Factory premises yesterday.

All UNP Pradeshiya Sabha members in the Kataragama Pradeshiya Sabha except the Chairman joined the Government to strengthen the President’s hands.

UNP provincial council candidate Jagath Liyanaa-rachchi broke ranks with the UNP and joined the Government at this meeting.

They expressed their unreserved support for the Government which eliminated the scourge of terrorism which devoured the country’s progress for over 30 years.



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