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DateLine Thursday, 12 June 2008

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Keheliya regrets Ranil's remarks

COLOMBO: Government Defence Affairs spokesman Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said at a time the world and world leaders are fighting terrorism, UNP and Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is denigrating the Government's and Security Forces' efforts to defeat one of the most ruthless terrorist organisations in the world.

At the weekly media briefing on the current security situation Minister Rambukwella vehemently condemned the Opposition Leader's comment during the visit to India that the Government has failed in its war against terror citing the spate of bomb blasts in the South.

Minister Rambukwella asserted terrorism was a cancer that has spread all over the world.

The war against terror became a world phenomenon and people accepted the issue without any argument.

We are dealing with the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country", he added. The Opposition Leader undermined the Government's and forces achievements in waging war against terror. "The Security Forces liberated the East defeating terrorism to restore peace and prosperity in the region.

People were allowed to practice and franchise their political rights. The aspiration of the Government is to provide citizens a safe, independent and violent free country", Minister Rambukwella said.

"When a country fights against a ruthless terrorist organisation like the LTTE who are exploding bombs targeting children, women and elders at public places such incidents cannot be stopped at once", he added.

Minister Rambukwella pointed out that at a time the world was endorsing the Government's efforts to fight against the LTTE, it is a shame that the Leader of the country's main Opposition party to criticise and denigrate the Government's efforts to fight against terror citing some bomb blasts in the South while ignoring the Government and Security Forces achievements in the North and the East.

During the President's visit to the United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Opposition Leader David Cameron congratulated President Rajapaksa on the steps taken to defeat terrorism. "Britain's Opposition Leader David Cameron said they realise the prevailing situation and the challenges Sri Lanka is facing as a democracy confronted with terrorism and the efforts being made to overcome them.

They were keen to understand the problems in countering terrorism and how best they can help the country to resolve the long lasting problem", Minister Rambukwella remarked.

When a delegation from Sri Lanka met the Pope, he expressed His Holiness described terrorism as a cancer spread all around the world," he added.



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