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DateLine Wednesday, 18 July 2007

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Chandra Nanayakkara:

Arresting life between lines

Chandra K. Pathirana in her library

The pen, they say, is mightier than the gun. Chandra Nanayakkara, a policewoman from Matara handles both with equal ease, but the pen always wins.

It is a rare combination indeed: An eye for law and order and a flair for writing. She never hesitates to discharge her duties to safeguard law and order. When she is in a literary trance her ideas and experiences leap out with true spirit and vigour, filling up the pages of her notebook and draining out the ink of her pen.

Police sergeant Chandra K. Nanayakkara of the Public Relations Unit of Matara police is the story teller of her life. Her literary talent has fetched her many an award and certificate.

As a writer and poetess Chandra has repeatedly secured the first place in short story competitions annually organised by Devinuwara Pradeshiya Sabha in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Department from 1993. This year too she repeated this feat at the annual literary festival.

She has also won the first place at all island competitions. She was born in Yatiyana in the Matara district and studied at the Yatiyana Maha Vidyalaya. After the O/L examination she joined the Puhulwella Madhya Maha Vidyalaya. From her childhood she displayed a talent for painting and poetry.

“I was a member of Kamala Lama Samajaya of the Dinamina. I was thrilled when my verses appeared in the Dinamina. My literary activities started at a very tender age. I believed it is inherited.

I was interested in writing short stories and stanzas when I was quite young and was also keen on drawing. Kamala Lama Samajaya and Nawaka Sangrahaya of the Dinamina lent me a helping hand. The Silumina also published my poems. Both these newspapers were a great source of inspiration to me,” Chandra remarked.

She was short of a few marks to enter university which drove her to join the police. Though her parents objected her uncle supported the decision. She joined the police as a WPC in 1978.

Sgt. Chandra K. Pathirana in uniform

Those serving in police have very little time for themselves. Somehow she adjusted her time as she cannot imprison her talent and craving for writing. After returning home and finishing her household chores Chandra attends to her literary pursuits. Themes for the short stories are drawn from real life incidents. Some stories that won the competitions were based on crimes.

“From 1993 up to now my short stories or poems have won first place in literary competitions annually organised by the Southern Provincial Council. My short stories submitted at the competitions organised by the Devinuwara Pradeshiya Sabha won the first prize from 1993 except in two or three occasions. I work under a very tight schedule. If I had time I would have done better in the sphere of literature.”

“I have written a lot of short stories and many of them have won awards. Sundara Varadak, Yuddhaya ha Premaya, Amawaka Nimaviya, Jeewithaya Susumaki, Sahodarathwaya, Aluyata Gini and Piyawaru Saha Ammawaru are some of them,” Chandra said. She will soon begin her first novel. “I hope to devote my full time for writing after retirement,” she said.

Her husband is employed at the Engineering Department of the Rupavahini Corporation and the son is following an IT course.

“Youth show little interest in literature as they read very little. If the reading habit is inculcated from early school days they can create more. Reading also improves the capacity to appreciate and in turn inculcates love, kindness, compassion and mercy towards fellow human beings. The beauty of nature also spurs creativity. Many officers appreciate my writings and that motivates me,” she observed.

Pictures by

Sumathipala Deeyagahage


Lay the foundation right

BEAUTY: Foundation should be considered as a skin improver. Foundation should match your skin tone. To choose a colour apply little on your cheek or inside of your wrist. Be careful to blend around nose and chin and fade away under the chin.

Heavy foundation is old fashioned and ageing. Foundation should never appear like a mask. The shade chosen should be as close to your natural skin tone, so that there is no sudden change of colours between chin and neck.

Choice of a foundation

Two aspects should be taken into account before choosing a foundation - the form of the foundation and its colour. Some forms are more suited to certain skin types than others. Age and the basic condition of your skin also influence the choice of the foundation.

Choice based on the skin type

An oil based foundation is most suited for dry skin as this gives additional moisture. An oil -free, water based foundation (Cake or stick form) is most suited for oily skin. Any form of foundation is suited for the normal skin type especially, Emulsions and liquid foundations which can be used for any skin type

Choice based on age and condition of skin

For young and fine skin, a thin foundation (light sheer liquids) is most suited. For a skin with uneven colour and tone, blemishes etc a heavy foundation (cream of stick) is suitable, to cover the poor condition of the skin. For older skin, 2 coats of light liquid foundation is suitable- a heavier foundation may emphasize the lines and skin creases.

Choice based on Colour

A make up base or foundation must match the natural skin tone of the person as much as possible. This colour matching is best done in day - light and not in artificial light.

A fair skin can use Beige, brownish gold or ochre and darker skin can use pinkish beige, peach or pinkish ochre. If there are more than one colour tone in your face, then match the foundation to the middle tone. Mixing two colours -one which matches your skin and the other which complements your natural colouring could have very good effect.


A shade close to your skin colour should be used. Powder is not really meant to add colour, but it helps to add a smooth finish. Apply with a bushy brush or with cotton and dust off excess powder.


Trendy brides

The Bridal Fair 2007, town’s annual bridal fashion extravaganza came on stage from June 12 to 15 at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre. Top names in the fashion industry such as Premasiri Hewawasam, Chandani Punchihewa, Chrissy Rozairo and Amali Jayawardane demonstarted their latest bridal fashion collections at the event. Here are some trendy brides of Ramzi Rahman on the ramp. Pictures by Sudath Nishantha


Ideal platform for women entrepreneurs

FAIR: The Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce will launch the SAARC and Women in Business (WIB) Trade Fair and Exhibition at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre, Colombo from July 20 to 29.

The main objective of this is to support the local and foreign women entrepreneurs to enhance marketable capabilities to emerge as an efficient and competitive sector in the economy, and to prepare them for global markets, WCIC Chairperson Ramya Weerakoon said.

The fair offers products manufactured by them.

The trade fair will also serve as a platform to women entrepreneurs, particularly from the rural areas. It will also open new horizons to Sri Lankan women to meet the women of SAARC countries and exchange views and ideas and establish trade agreements.



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