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DateLine Wednesday, 13 June 2007

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Government Gazette


Over to you DIG Traffic - Colombo and Chairman Western Province Transport Authority

I am a regular traveller to Narahenpita. On every occasion I have noticed that vehicles going via Narahenpita junction, will have to wait more than 5 to 7 minutes especially between 6.30 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.

This is mainly due to Route No. 141 buses using their terminal as Labour Secretariat.

Therefore, I suggest the following to reduce the traffic congestion at Narahenpita junction.

1. To extend route no. 141 to Rajagiriya junction, where ample space for turning and parking. Further more, residents in Nawala and Rajagiriya face a lot of problems as they do not have a direct bus service to Galle Road.

They have to go to either Dehiwala or to Colpetty to get to Galle Road by using No. 176 or 175 buses respectively. There is No. 198 service too now. (Attention:- Chairman, Western Province Transport Authority and DIG Traffic, Colombo).

2. To have the 178 private bus terminal at Polhengoda instead of Narahenpita. (CTB buses go to Kohuwela). There is ample space and turning facilities at the Polhengoda traffic lights junction and near Badrawathi Vidyalaya. (Attention:- Chairman, Western Province Transport Authority, DIG Traffic, Colombo and OIC Police Station, Narahenpita).

Now route no. 178 private buses turning their huge buses near the Railway line at Nawala Road, which is highly dangerous.

3. To have Center Media near Asiri Hospital from Commercial Bank up to Survey Department roundabout. As the Kirula Road is narrow, most of the vehicles coming to the hospital parked on roads leading to Anderson Flats and driving straight to the Kirula Road. (Attention:- DIG Traffic, Colombo, Traffic Engineer CMC and OIC Police Station, Narahenpita).

4. As Kirula Road is narrow, to have parking permitted from Commercial Bank up to the Survey Department roundabout. (Attention:- DIG Traffic, Colombo).

I have discussed about the above four suggestions with the responsible people and Institutes at Narahenpita. They too agreed to these.

Hope the relevant authorities won’t sit on this letter or ignore these suggestions.

Colombo 7

Over to you Electrical Engineer CEB, Dehiwela-Mt. Lavinia

I am residing at No. 35/2, Kalubowila Sri Wimalasiri Road, Dehiwela and I am a senior citizen, - Government pensioner. Being the chief occupant of the house, I wish to bring to your notice, that in front of my house, there is a street lamp-post, and the power light therein does not function for the last few months.

The people of the area are inconvenienced a lot in the nights due to darkness, when passing through this lane, especially, the children and ladies fear much of thieves (robbers) and pick-pocketers etc. Your office lines are always busy, or engaged, or there is no proper answer from your staff, when I had attempted to contact you, over the telephone.

The residents of this area request you to look into this matter and provide us the regular functioning of the said street power light in question. Your early attention, will be greatly appreciated.


Over to you CMC Commissioner

So many have already written with regard to the flash floods in Colombo and have pointed out that the CMC officials are directly answerable for the problem. Present CMC Commissioner is also responsible for the water that inundates the main Negombo Road between Hendala Junction and the Police station.

The house and land the Commissioner received from his parents was sold a couple of years ago, along with the State owned rain water drain that was on their boundary. It was 10 to 12 feet in width. The drain used to take the rainwater to the stream that connects the Kelani River. It still exists beyond this property up to the stream.

Due to this unlawful encroachment, pedestrians find it difficult to walk on this stretch even during a slight shower, as water does not drain out.

Many complaints were forwarded to the Wattala UC and the Police, but so far no one has taken any action.


Over to you Chairman SLT

SLT workers are in the habit of dumping their damaged concrete posts by the roadside, whenever these are replaced.

They seem to be very reluctant to remove these posts. This amounts to neglect of duty.

They do not believe in the inconvenience caused to the poor pedestrians and the vehicles that use these roads.

Very often wild bush grows over these posts thus covering them completely and make it hazardous for the road users.

No roadside cleaning can be done. Workers who clean and sweep the roadside too ignore these places. It is hoped that the SLT authorities would pay little more attention to this type of lapse of their workforce and be more conscious and responsible for the safety of the road users.


CSI College clarifies

Reference to news item ‘Over to you Transport Minister and Traffic Police’ under People’s voices column published on June 06, 2007 (page 12) regarding traffic congestion at the Anderson Road junction near CSI college is not written by Mangala Wijekularatne, Director, CSI College.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service

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