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CHC makes comeback with Rs. 3 m profits

COMPANY RESULTS: Ceylon Hotels Corporation (CHC) has recorded a profit of Rs 3 million during the first three months of this year compared to huge losses made in previous years.

It has also invested heavily on improvements of the hotel chain as well as on human resource development since the restructuring commenced in July last year.

Chairman CHC Lakshman Samarasinghe announced its current situation and future plans in Colombo yesterday.

It is the vision of the Group Chairman Sanjiv Gardiner to expand lower level domestic tourism for the first time while improving hotels of all three levels upper, middle and, lower under the flagship of Galle Face Hotel.

There are plans to establish a domestic travel set up for low income groups as well he said.

Prices of all snacks and short eats sold at Avanhala restaurants have been reduced already to facilitate the low income groups at present.

Establishment of a chain of quality food courts islandwide is also on the cards.

Elaborating on the human resource development aspect CEO Chandra Mohotti said the company has secured the employment of all the employees while enjoying rights and privileges that they never had before.

"The best treatment for the employees in hotel trade is training and promotion where they can reach high positions.

Therefore all the talented and dedicated employees will be rewarded and outsiders will be accommodated on contract basis only if we don't have competent people in certain areas, he said.

However, Chairman Samarasinghe said that certain misguided trade union members at several Avanhala restaurants launched protest campaigns on Tuesday during peak hours losing valuable customers and income to CHC.

He said that the doors of the management are always open for discussion with any employee and it is very unfortunate that incidents of this nature occur to the detriment of the industry.

The CHC was sold at the Stock Market with 100 per cent transparency in July last year as a result of inability to exist due to heavy losses.

"It has spent Rs. 383 million by now with lots of hope and employees should realise the value of this effort and be supportive then everyone will be benefit, Samarasinghe said.

Director Human Resources, Rohitha Amarapala was also present.



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