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National Migration Health Policy of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lanka National Migration Health Policy aims to engage all relevant sectors and agencies responsible to ensure the health of migrants throughout the migration process. Sri Lanka has recognized that outbound, internal and inbound migrants and the families left behind by outbound migrants are the key groups considered in this policy. The above proposal made by Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena was approved by the Cabinet. Salient features of this Policy are:

Outbound migrants and families left behind

* Ensure the health and social well-being of all migrants by guaranteeing their access to decent and productive employment in conditions of freedom, equity, security and human dignity;

* Ensure health protection for Sri Lankan migrant workers by entering into Bilateral Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding with countries that employ Sri Lankan migrant workers; and

* Develop and implement a coordinated plan to address the welfare needs of single parent families where the single parent migrates for employment.

Internal migrants

* Develop a National Programme that addresses specific nutritional issues of vulnerable internal migrant population; and

* Ensure access to primary health care for internal migrant population, in partnership with private sector health care providers.

Inbound migrants

* Ensure that the migration process does not endanger the health of the migrant or the host population;

* Identify and address conditions of public health concern to mitigate the impact of the migrants; disease burden on national health or social services; and

* Promote Sri Lanka as a country with high health standards.

Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Modernization of Small and Medium Industrial Estates

There are 265 small and medium industrial firms engaged in manufacturing in the 18 Industrial Estates and these establishments provide direct employment to over 6,900 persons.

The project components include the renovation of internal road networks, peripheral security, fencing, water supply and sewerage improvements, internal street lighting, fire protection systems and worker welfare facilities.

The proposal made by Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Minister Douglas Devananda to proceed with the project at a cost of Rs. 305.5 million, with funds to be provided from 2013 to 2015, was approved by the Cabinet.

Self employment loans for rehabilitated

Implementation of the second Phase of providing of loan facilities for self employment in respect of persons rehabilitated and re-integrated into the society.

The number of persons rehabilitated and re-integrated into the society after the conflict situation which prevailed in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, stands at 11,573. Steps were initiated to provide Rs. 300 million in the form of loans to 1,549 beneficiaries from the Northern and Eastern Provinces, through State Banks for self-employment purposes. The proposal made by Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms Minister Chandrasiri Gajadeera to provide Rs. 525 million to provide loans to a further 4,724 rehabilitated persons, was approved by the Cabinet.

Maternity Hospital Project for Galle

Implementation of the Project for completion of the Maternity Hospital, Galle with the financial assistance of Euro 28 million from the KfW Bank (Kreditanstalt fur Weideraufbau) of Germany - The Helmut Kohl - Galle Maternity Hospital Foundation initiated for the construction of a new Maternity Hospital in Galle, after the tsunami which in December 2004. The proposal made by Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena to proceed with the above project with financial assistance in a sum of Euro 28 million to be provided by KfW Bank of Germany, was approved by the Cabinet.

Construction of a Four-Storied Resource Centre and an Auditorium for the Public Administration and Home Affairs Ministry

The proposal made by Public Administration and Home Affairs Minister W. D. J. Senviratne to proceed with the construction of the above project at an estimated cost of Rs. 271.7 million with funds to be made available under the Medium Term Budgetary Framework 2014-2016 and to select a contractor for the purpose through limited competitive bidding process, was approved by the Cabinet.

Local Authorities Filling of Vacancies (Special Provisions) Bill

The proposal made by Local Government and Provincial Councils Minister A. L. M. Athaullah to submit the above Bill prepared by the Legal Draftsman, to Parliament for approval, was approved by the Cabinet. This amendment is for the purpose of filling of vacancies in the Office of Mayor, Deputy Mayor of a Member, elected to any Local Authority under the provisions of the Local Authorities Elections Ordinance (Chapter 262).

The Annual Performance Report, 2012 of the Economic Development Ministry

The proposal made by Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa to present the above Annual Performance Report to Parliament, was approved by the Cabinet. Some of the salient features are as follows:

*'Divi Neguma' National Programme - this programme was implemented under the Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Enterprise Development Sectors and a sum of Rs. 2,912.98 million had been spent in 2012 for the entire programme.

*Agriculture Sector - a sum of Rs. 1,559.81 million had been spent in 2012 for the supply of inputs such as, seeds and plants etc. for this sector.

*Livestock Sector - a sum of Rs. 365 million had been spent in 2012 for this sector.

*Social Security - Samurdhi Programme - a sum of Rs. 10,553 million had been distributed among 1,549,107 families in 2012 for the uplift of living standards of low income groups.

*Programmes have also been implemented under the 'Gama Neguma' and 'Pura Neguma' Projects in 2012.

*Development and renovation works in the Northern and Easter Provinces - a sum of Rs. 3,310.93 million had been invested for the development of roads in the Northern Province and Rs. 1,149.83 million for such works in the Eastern Province. Rs. 717.24 million was spent for the supply of electricity in the Districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu.


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