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The U.S adventure in Afghanistan after twelve years has resulted in some very tawdry statistics -- results if you will -- and counted among these will be the thousands that have died and the billions that the war has cost the American people. The U.S is now in negotiations with the Taliban which is something previous U.S administrations could have done twelve years ago, but didn't.

So, Afghanistan has turned out to be Obama's Vietnam, but then that doesn't mean that there is an end to the drone attacks and the continued folly on the part of the U.S troops that now are poised they say to stay on in the country till 2014.

Elsewhere in the world the Arab Springs that have been ushered in with much fanfare in global television channels run by the U.S and her proxies, have turned out to be Arab nightmares. In Egypt, it is government by musical chairs.

Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood was deposed barely before he could end his honeymoon. In Turkey, the people have been wise enough to stave off a Twitter tsunami of a 'Turkish Spring', and they are the better for that.

Despite all this madness, in Europe they are still in thrall to U.S hegemony and U.S adventurism, which is why they disallowed the aircraft of Bolivian President Eva Morales over the airspace of four European countries including Spain. The allegation was that he may be spiriting away with him the US whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The U.S is the world's most rabid warmongering nation, of course perennially sloganeering for peace. In this context, it is interesting to note that Bolivian President Morales held a press conference the other day and said that Bolivia was willing to grant asylum to Edward Snowden.

It appears that the U.S and her allies are determined to drive home the message to all world leaders that it doesn't pay to ally with either Russia or China because the U.S government enjoys the monopoly on violence around the globe -- or at least thinks it does.

However, it's been long since the U.S government lost the moral high ground, and interestingly, there was a slogan that was painted on a wall in a Southern coastal town of this country which said it all - 'Obama in the nude.'!

In Bolivia, there is collective national outrage over what Bolivians say was the insult offered up to the country's President, Eva Morales when his aircraft was denied European airspace access. Russia may not war-monger -- certainly not in the way the U.S does -- and neither does China but Vladimir Putin is able to offer the kind of platform for bolder leaders such as Morales to thumb their noses at the latest brand of American foreign policy, which is of course different only in the packaging from what was U.S foreign policy during past administrations.

Sri Lanka has for long been a non-aligned nation but that doesn't mean that in everyday terms it translates as a policy of appeasing the U.S and having courteous relations with Russia and China.

In fact for the first time in decades, if not a century, our foreign policy has a spine now. Sri Lanka has been able to ally with a strong Russian President and a strong leader of China who in the way that they gave Morales the strength to defy the U.S, will give Sri Lanka the strength to defy the diktat of nations that want us to conform to their idea of reconciliation for instance.

Reconciliation is a much bandied about word. For instance, they are already talking about 'reconciliation' in Egypt amid the turmoil of the recent events that led to the removal of Morsi and the installation of an interim President! Seems like reconciliation is the vogue word -- it is another new 'benchmark' that certain nations have created virtually from thin air so that they can try to make nations measure upto some yardstick of their own making. If there is one thing the people are reconciled to in Sri Lanka, it's that we have to be wary of all the foreign adventurism coming our way in the guise of good portends for reconciliation, and regime change!

That edge, in diplomacy

Effective trade diplomacy is perhaps quite a need of the hour to meet the present government plans to address economic needs of the people and to serve as a mechanism to help the government reach its development objectives in partnership with friendly States,

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