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Maryam Marikar was the winner of the recently concluded Chokolaate Mother Daughter Fashion Designer 2013. Her designs were met with high applauds and this super hyper and nervous girl was shocked as ever, when her name was announced. Daily News ‘Zest’ got in touch with her to know what was going through her mind during this whole process.

Q: So how did you get the chance to take part at the Chokolaate Mother Daughter Fashion Show? Was this your first ever fashion show?

Evening wear

A: I always wanted to become a fashion designer and to gain experience in that field. My uncle Sajjad Hassan wanted me to participate in it. And yes this is my first first ever try.

Q: Are you into a fashion designing course or was it just a hobby?

A: NO, this is not a hobby. I actually want this as my profession as well :). Before been a competitor I had already applied for some Design Institutes and Universities. I’ve been called for some as well, but I have not yet made up my mind!

Q: How was it when you went to meet the judges and what was their reaction to the designs you showed them?

A: I was pretty nervous. Like I said, this was my first try and had no experience. Yes, I knew how to sketch but had no idea how to get along with the presentations. So you can imagine how doubtful I was. When I got into the top 15, I assumed the judges liked my designs.

Q: What was the theme of your designs and what is the reason behind it?

A: Well my theme was ‘Attitude’, inspired by the 21st Century women. That is no nonsense, very busy and same time looking sexy too. But that does not mean they want guys to approach them. In short ‘sexy but sternitude’.

casual wear

Q: So you battled it out of many contestants and made it to the Top 15…how did that feel?

A: It felt so good to be among the Top 15 specially when most of the designers were from universities, institutes and some were already designers. And the cool part was that I, was one of them!

Q: Were there any catty moments between other participants during the whole time with them?

A: Well I’m from Kandy. I had nothing in common with other designers except this competition. I didn’t have any time to interact as such. It was less talk, more work and fewer commitments. As a result no one knew about me so no one was catty or feisty. It was cool.

Q: Who were the mentors that guided you?

A: My whole family, Mama, Dada, Aiya, Akki and I proudly say me. If not for them I’m nowhere. Akki mostly, she is like my pillar. I love them (kisses to them).

Q: So when you heard your name been called out what was going through your head?

A: Ha,ha...to be honest, this is what went through my head, “OMG, is that my name I hear. OMG that is my name...” Then I told myself ‘MARYAM enough with that smile (I couldn’t control it), go collect your prize and the rest of the day dreaming :D. But later, the feeling was good-really good, especially when you know you worked hard for this and it was worth the trouble.

Maryam Marikar after receiving the award

Q: So what did you with the prize? Putting it to something useful or already spent it :)?

A: I have not collected it yet, but Dada wanted me to put it into my account (so not cool -_-).

Sports wear

Q: Anyone you want to thank and will we get to see more of your designs in other fashion designing competitions?

A: Thank you Allah for blessing me with Sajjad Hassan as he is the one who pushed me to my first step into designing. Dada Azmin Marika and Mama Yazmin Fernando Marikar who were behind me right throughout. Aiya Aslam Marikar, Akki Aminah Marika and Dihan Aiya for supporting me and making me believe in me.

My grand-aunt Mashuda for not letting me give up, my Aunty Nazeera Saludeen who did an amazing job with the sport knit wear. My awesome sexy models Shantali Munasinghe and Sudarshini Aunty - without them I would have gone nowhere, Uncle Aldo who helped with the stitching. My friends, no matter what they are always there when I need them specially - Tharini Coorey, Onella Vyse, Yashood and Inchi.

And all my family members who came all the way to cheer me Granma, Aunty Taji Narriman Marikar Nizar, Eroma Archai who also gave me great support, big aunty, uncle Rajendran Subramaniam and aunty Vasanthi. Uzmaan uncle, Remaza aunty and archi and seeya who couldn’t make it but prayed for me right throughout! And all the people who love me - a big huge THANK YOU - if not for all of them, my sketches would have been still on paper!

And yes, yes, hopefully you will be seen me soon...love you all…mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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