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Friday, 1 February 2013






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'Islam rejects extremism'

Muslims should never give into extremism. There is no extremism in Islam. The Holy Quran tells us to follow the middle path which is described as Ummathaun Wasathan, the followers of the middle path, said Member of Parliament Council MP Alhaj A H M Azwer.

He was participating as chief guest at the Sama Sri Award Ceremony conducted by the United Organization of all Communities at Tower Hall recently. Foundation President Samasiri Ananda Sarath Mallawa Aratchi presided.

The MP said even Buddhism preaches Madyama Prathipadawa - the middle path.

"It must be clearly understood that there is no extremism in Islam or Buddhism or in any other religion. If an individual commits a sin, that is not the fault of the religion but it is the fault of the individual.

He should be punished but the religion should not be found fault with," he said.

Azwer said there are certain elements who are transmitting derogatory SMSes against Muslim ministers and MPs. One such message has said he called a minister 'God' in Parliament.

"This is sacrilegious and outrageous.

No Muslim will call another human being 'God' because it tantamount to Shirk - or worshipping other deities except Allah," he said.

"I am a Muslim with full Iman - believing in the 'Oneness of God'.

No one on earth can challenge the Iman or belief in me. If some one would employ such dubious methods to damage my character, it would be an utter futile attempt on his part," he added.

"If he is a good Muslim, at least before gushing out such demonic statements, inquire from me whether I had said such a thing," he requested. It is evident that there is a definite attempt by misguided persons to smear mud on people who worked with the President," he said.

He said this is definitely satanic work of certain elements influenced by Western forces.

Their aim is to topple the government elected by the people through their will, the MP added.

He said another charge made against the Muslim MPs is that they are in deep slumber when their community is facing certain problems.

"This is sheer nonsense. All Muslim Ministers and MPs are alert and they are in constant touch with the President, Defence Secretary, IGP, Minister Basil Rajapaksa and others so that whatever problem that may arise at village level, is not allowed to spread islandwide," Azwer said.


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