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Tuesday, 11 December 2012






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Top Printers introduces latest technology for polythene bags

Sameer Yoonus

The use of polythene has become a part of everyday life for the people not only in Sri Lanka but worldwide. Market mechanism drives people to use polythene because it is cheap, convenient and easily available.

The Government of Sri Lanka should be commended for its decision to address the many environmental problems associated with polythene bags. In addition to being a much needed policy, it is also one with a great deal of public support. But the exp ected results is yet to achieve.

There are some factories in Sri Lanka which produce polythene bags. These factories produce a million polythene bags daily and a million of them are thrown everyday as waste on the streets, in the drains or on the water bodies leading to serious environmental and health hazards.

The environmentally conscious people of the country, for a period of time, for the limitation of the use polythene bags. However, one such patriotic entrepreneur has come forward with an alternative product to polythene bags as a stepping stone.

Staff with new equipment

Managing Director ,Top Printers Sameer Yoonus has invested Rs10 million towards the latest technology to manufacture an alternative bag for polythene as a stepping stone and requests the authorities and people to join hands to do away with polythene.

He was interviewed by Daily News Business. Yoonus believes that all local leaders should come forward to limit polythene use in their respective areas and encourage the use of traditional bags that do not cause environmental hazards.

Q: Do you think it is possible to do away with polythene?

A: Yes, it was a difficult task, because there was no proper mechanism to stop using polythene bags and no alternative product. However, the general consensus was that it is simply a matter of breaking a habit, and that the difficulty will only last a few days. People need to be encouraged to think of positive solutions to the problems they encounter in changing their shopping habits. That is why I decided to invest on this project as a stepping stone. The Government is spending a huge amount to beutify the cities, people should not expect the government to spend so much to solve the environmental and health problems arising due to usage of polythene bags.

But it is important not to tolerate business interests of a few polythene bag manufacturers who can derail a measure so important to public health.

Q: What is the progress you have made so far in this effort and what are the business opportunities available out of this.?

A: I invested Rs 10 million simply because I love the environment and the country needs it at this point. Making profit could come later. I want the support of the common man to make it happen. The Government has allowed me to import non woven material free of charge. I now have the technology. As a successful person in the printing business I can print the bags at a cost for any person interested in supporting this cause. Think Green, should not be confined only to a slogan. I have produced 100 thousand bags in three months and a number of reputed companies have come forward to buy them for their use.

If this process could be carried out for a period of ten years the country can save a huge some of money.

Q: Can you supply the total requirement for the country.?

A: I cannot do it alone. But someone comes forward, once it is started. This is a good business opportunity for the SME sector. I can give around one million bags a month. The country needs more than 10 mn a month.

Q: What are the features of your bag?

A: It is available in eight sizes and different colours. Tailor made designs and sizes can be produced. The country can achieve the expected results if everyone act as responsible citizen.


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