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Monday, 22 October 2012






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Eat healthy food

Some timely HEALTH TIPS

Iquote below some information I have collated from medical journals and books, for the benefit of the readers:

a) Smoking and drinking scenes: People are aware that the government had ordered to blackout all drinking and smoking scenes in cinema/TV etc. Due to criticism, this regulation has been changed now. That is, only a warning notice appears at the commencement of the show stating that drinking and smoking are harmful and parents are requested to advise their children accordingly.

A recent survey in the US revealed that complete blackout had produced better results in reducing smoking and drinking habits among youngsters. It is better to reintroduce this blackout regulation now.

b) Kidney problems: In India it has been observed that nearly 60 percent of children under two years of age were having kidney problems. This had been mainly due to marriage amongst blood relations, hereditary, prostate gland problems and over consumption of salt and sugar.

It is true that imported food items have high sugar and salt due to the usage of preservatives. Parents please note this and give your children fresh, local food instead of imported, packeted products.

c) Coffee and eggs: There is a common belief that coffee and eggs are harmful. A recent research reveals that consumption of limited amount of coffee after 50 years of age helps to maintain muscle strength which slackens due to old age. Even sportsmen who participated in the London Olympics were taking coffee on regular basis.

One egg per day is said to reduce the possibility of breast cancer by 24 percent. It should be noted that men could also have breast cancer. 'One egg a day keeps breast cancer away'...... new slogan!

d) Vitamin tablets: It is not advisable to take vitamin tablets on your own, especially those chosen on the basis of advertisements. It is better to have the vitamins from the intake of fresh food such as fruits, vegetables, milk etc. However, if you need additional supplements, this should be done with medical advice. Over consumption of vitamin tablets could result in harmful side effects.

e) Slimming: It is true that weight reduction and slimming are healthy, but it must be done according to one's age and health factors. Never use tablets to loose weight, as side effects are harmful. Even your slimming programme should be monitored with regular medical check-up. Some fashion models who had adopted vigorous sliming programmes have dropped dead on the catwalk. Readers Watchout!

f) Air conditioners: It has been proven that continuously occupying air-conditioned rooms is harmful. Even paralysis can be caused. Reports reveal that children face more danger than adults. It is better switch off the air-conditioner or leave the room at regular intervals for better health.

I appeal to medical experts to express an opinion for the benefit of the public at large.


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