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Hemas Hospital unveils advanced Laparoscopic surgery

Hemas Hospital achieved a quantum leap by introducing and implementing the latest surgical techniques in minimally invasive surgeries. Laparoscopic or "minimal access surgery" is a highly specialized technique in which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions with the assistance of a video camera and other specially designed surgical instruments.

Furthermore, the laparoscopic surgery radically minimize the level of manual tissue handling, and provides a magnified, high resolution picture of the internal organs under a clear light, allowing the surgeon to conduct the operation with much accuracy than in traditional open surgery.

Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar (Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeon) with his fellow surgeons and theatre Staff of Hemas Hospital carrying out a laparoscopic Radical hysterectomy at theatre complex of Hemas Hospital.

Hemas Hospital already provides a wide array of laparoscopic surgeries for ovarian diseases including cyst removal and reconstruction, removal of fibroids, womb removal, endometriosis and ectopic pregnancies.

At present, a team of medical professionals of Hemas Hospital together with the assistance and guidance of Dr. Shailesh Puntambekar, Advance Laparoscopic and Robotic surgeon is in the process of introducing laparoscopic surgery for cancer of the womb and the neck of the womb. The uniqueness of this technique, stems through the technology developed by Dr Shailesh and popularized over the world as the "Pune Technique" of Radical Hysterectomy. Hemas Hospital is the first private hospital in Sri Lanka to have applied this unique technique to successfully perform a laparoscopic surgery to remove a 'cancer in the womb and the neck of the womb'.

Furthermore, Hemas Hospital is now in the process of introducing laparoscopic surgeries for 'Prolapse of the womb in young women' for the first time in Sri Lanka.

A patient, who undergoes the traditional open surgery, will have to go through a lot of post operative discomfort and a prolonged hospital stay due to slow recovery process caused by the large incision made in the abdomen. With the advancement in technology, the laparoscopic reconstructive surgeries have replaced the traditional surgical treatments effectively by allowing the surgeons to conduct the procedures more accurately with much small incisions. This will eventually provide the patients to minimize their hospital stay for 48 hours, increase their recovery process, and revert back to their normal life style within a very short period at a lower cost.

The theatre complex of the Hemas Hospital consists of five state-of-the-art operating theatres including two modular type theatres which can be used for more complex and advanced surgeries including laparoscopic procedures. Hemas Hospitals is a subsidiary of Hemas Holdings, one of Sri Lanka's leading conglomerates with a focus on five key sectors - FMCG, Healthcare, Transportation, Leisure and Power Generation.


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