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Palmyrah Restaurant

Taste of authentic Jaffna food:


Palmyra Legends
Raal Pall Poriyani

Odiyal Kool
The traditional
Jaffna broth

Prawn Cocktail
Shrimp on a bed of fresh
lettuce topped with
a creamy cocktail sauce


The Palmyra Restaurant

Jaffna authentic

Palmyrah Restaurant in Hotel Renuka, Colombo lays emphasis on Jaffna (Yalpaanam) dishes because the name refers to productive fruit bearing palmyrah tree (Panai matam) which is in abundance in the north. The Palmyrah restaurant is well known and famous among not only Sri Lankans but also among international travellers and expatriates, for authentic and delicious Sri Lankan food.

Set in an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, the Palmyrah was opened in 1972. There are pictures depicting old sceneries in Jaffna, both at the entrance and inside the dining hall.

The secret to success at the Palmyrah restaurant is the commitment to high standard and a constant dedication to improving the quality of the cuisine and service in the restaurant. The Sri Lankan dining table is laden with an assortment of curries, sambols and pickles. So if you want the complete dining experience, we recommend you try at least one of each. The more adventurous diners should dispense with cutlery and eat with the tips of their fingers, it's the best complement to the flavours offered.

Jaffna Crab Curry

Mutton Pall Poricol

The restaurant is aptly called the Palmyrah considering it was the Thambiayah's grandfather of Jaffna decent that started the hotel, with chefs from their ancestral home. The Palmyrah restaurant has become firmly installed in the circuit of Sri Lankan diners. The restaurant started by the Thambiayah family and is currently run by second and third generation family members who all stand by tradition with a twist of modernity. The Palmyrah specializes in Jaffna cuisine with dishes that have patrons returning to Hotel Renuka year on year.

Odiyal Kool

Kana Vai Pirettal
(Isso thel dala)

The legendary dishes are the mutton and prawn paal poriyals, the fried fish pittu, Kanavaipirettal, odiyal kool and milk and egg hoppers. The trick is to order a varied samples of the specialties on offer - a few egg, plain and milk hoppers, then a few thosais - ghee and paper, and a portion of string hopper pillau.

Add whole crab curry, mutton poriyal, cadju curry , seeni sambol and pol sambol and you have the perfect Sri Lankan meal. Your experience of native dishes in Palmyrah Restaurant in Colombo would remain incomplete without tasting pickles, chutneys and sambols. This restaurant opens between 12:00 noon - 2:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. - 10.30 p.m. With Mahogany furniture, coconut rafter ceilings and original paintings of Jaffna landscapes, it is a must for all seeking the authentic taste of Sri Lanka.


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