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Wednesday, 19 May 2010






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THOUGHT for the Day

The journey is the reward.
                              - A Chinese proverb


Balancing nature and development

When considering development, it is also necessary that we have to provide facilities for development projects. But while giving priority to development projects, we have to think about the environmental aspect as well. We, as the Ministry, have to do a balancing act. While preserving the environment, we have to provide facilities for sustainable development.

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The Morning Inspection:

We are a smiling nation, thankfully

‘Words don’t come easy to me’ is the title of an FR David song. It’s old and not exactly remembered or hummed often. It is just that I was thinking of how easy it is to smile and how smiles come so easily to some and not to others. The connection? Well, I was thinking that there could be a song that began like this: ‘Words don’t come easy to me, but smiles always do!’ Yes, tacky, I agree. I am thinking of smiles, pardon me, and words are not coming easy this morning.

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Back to BASICS:

Can we go on defying nature and her ways?

This week Iceland volcanic ash is again unleashed over air-space in Europe. With it blowing off to the Sub- Saharan African continent during the past few weeks; the global media’s attention on the issue was lukewarm at best. Since the disruptions at UK’s airports this weekend, nature’s release of its wrath is once again gaining the world’s attention.

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