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The Ballerina

To a tinkling piano selection
Natasha Ladanova gracefully stepped onto
The Maryinski Theatre, an aura of enchantment

Blue walls designed in gilt
Crystal chandeliers sparkled on
Resplendent diamonds, rich attire of
Tsarina Anastasia and Tsar Alexis

Desirously he watched Natasha
Enraptured by the charming Russian maiden
Soft curls framing her rose-petal face
Classical serenity, composure and grace

Spangled tutu with sequins glittered
Fairy-like in silken shoes she drifted
Ribbons on her slender ankles tied
A perfect arabesque and poise

Performing in the Black Lake Swan
Natasha the "Swan Queen", a bird tormented
In feather-soft movements lured
Her loved one, to his arms' surrender

And the curtain closed on this splendid ballerina.

Caryl Nugara


Hot weather is back again,
For the tropical countries.
The sun is beating down
Burning fiercely.
Man and animal alike
Feel the sun.
Everyone is looking forward
To a refreshing bath.

The snow is falling
For the European countries
And for China and Japan.
Everyone is huddled together,
At home
Looking out the window
Waiting for the snow and the cold to stop.

Nillasi Liyanage

Those past winter days

The tickle of snow,
Which poured over me,
Of past winter days;
A silver slide show.
The wind swooped past me,
Soft winter carols,
To which snowballs,
Danced and moved.
The paths untrodden,
On which I walked,
Lay still,
Covered by snow;
But... to me,
Not hidden.
Those past winter days,
When I laughed and cried,
When it was cold and mild,
Still glistening;
Above all lights,
The silver falling snow,
Remind me... of;
Those past winter days.

D W Lilani Anuruddhika

Nature's Dramatic Splendour

I love to walk
On the soft sandy beach
On moonlit nights
Gazing with awe
At the twinkling little stars
Up above the clear blue sky
And listen with immense fascination
To the music of the surf
And the whistling of the gulls
That flyover the ocean
Like ribbons on the wind.
I bask in with great delight
At the hallow thrum of the waves
That rise and fall at my feet,
And as the chilly salty spray
Whisks against me,
I feel really refreshed.
I move on gleefully
Captivated by the song and dance
Of Mother Nature.

Sunanda Mahawela

Which to choose?

A heap of jealousy, a bundle of self regards,
A sack of gabbling gossips, a pile of guiles and
A gunny of sins laid on one another
Like a skyscraper......

But only a thin slab layer of merits, humility,
Honesty and obedience in this selfless world
With goggle of sinners....

Ashani Erandika Jayasundara

The White Lily

By the side of a fountain was a pure
White lily with petals so sleek,
Standing tall on a gentle stalk
Drooping her head in shyness
Resembling a young lass;
It looked so forlorn that I dared to pluck it.
White lilies adorn sacred places and
Bouquets of brides to be,
Their abundance is certainly a florists' posy.

Yasmin Jaldin


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