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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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Registration of commercial documents:

CCC renders vital service

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC) has rendered exemplary service to the business community in Sri Lanka during its 171 years of existence. Amongst the many professional services of the Chamber, the service of registration of commercial documents is highly appreciated amongst the business community in Sri Lanka as the most expeditious and efficient.

The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

The CCC is the pioneer organization which was authorized by the Secretary of State for the Colonies in 1925, to issue Certificates of Origin (C/O) in Sri Lanka. The Documents Registration Department which commenced operations in 1925, has now completed 85 years and except for the manual signature, the entire documentation procedure is computerised which offers accurate and speedy service.

The CCC in its continuous efforts to improve and enhance the present registration of Certificates of Origin system, launched a fully secured online system in July 2007. Electronic issuance of Certificates of Origin (e-CO) allows exporters to send their documents electronically, directly from their PCs, via the Internet to the Chamber. The registered Certificate is kept ready for the Exporter to collect, on his way to the Bank.

This system saves time as the document could be forwarded to the Chamber even after working hours as well and reduce cost, paperwork and eliminate delays to the users.

A Chamber spokesman briefing on the CCC Document Registration Department said ‘We are proud to report that the recognition of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in the overseas business community is immense to the extent that many Importers accept only the export documents certified by us and we invite those who do not use our service to experience the high service proficiency of this department. Visit or call us for more information on the charges and advise on your export requirements. To realize the real value and the benefit you are going to derive, try the efficient and speedy service offered by the CCC Document Registration Division’.



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