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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

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Opposition Leader creating schism among Sangha:

Letís unite and strengthen Presidentís hands - Mahanayake

*Saddened by Opposition Leaderís remarks

*No moves to affliate Viharayas to Sri Rohana Chapterís

*As long as President in office no damage to religion or Sangha

Mahanayake of Shiyamopalee Chapter and Mahanayake of Sri Rohana Chapter Venerable Aththudawe Sri Rahula Thera said he was very saddened to hear the remarks of the Opposition Leader who referred to an alleged attempt to affliate Southern Viharayas belonging to Malwathu Chapter with Rohana Chapter.

He said, there is no such necessity nor an attempt of that nature. Mahanayake Thera made this clarification in response to newspaper reports where Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe had referred to threats by certain monks to take over Viharayas belonging to Malwathu Chapter in the South under the charge of Sri Rohana Chapter.

Malwathu and Asgiri Chapters are the two main Buddhist Chapters in Sri Lanka. The Chief Prelates are closely associated with it.

The respected monks were referred to as Paviddas by the Opposition Leader. This is causing disrespect to the Sangha.

He talks of a division among Sangha. This is also highly revolting and also a sinful act.

Using the names of these Mahanayakeís is only a political strategy. It is the Opposition Leader who tries to crete division among these members of Sangha.

I request the politicians and intelligent people of this country to be mindful of these highly contemptible moves to cause damage to Buddhism which we have well-preserved for over 2,500 years in the country.

What is needed today is unity. We must think of the country without petty considerations of party politics, he said.

As long as the President is in office, there wonít be any damage to the our religion or Sangha. Therefore, letís join hands to strengthen the President at the forthcoming General Election, Mahanayake of Sri Rohana Chapter Aththudawe Sri Rahula Thera said.



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