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Friday, 24 July 2009

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KP lacks credibility

Indicating heavy infighting in the terrorist outfit of the Tigers a section of the movement calling itself the Executive Committee said that the former arms procurer of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) Selvarasa Pathmanathan alias KP would head the organization leading to the restructuring of the movement.

But the main mouthpiece of the outfit, the Tamil Net quoting unnamed LTTE watchers said, that the new formation has the burden to prove its credibility with the grass root at home and among the Diaspora that aspire not incumbencies but a strong mass organization to address the national cause.

Observers said KP and company and the Tamil Net have strong differences with the mouthpiece claiming that the former gun runner of the outfit has not satisfied the aspiration of the terrorist outfit, who is proposing to turn the movement into a non-violent one.

They said until, the support of the Diaspora is won there is no way the movement could progress as the majority of the Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka have given up supporting it.

Demeaning the executive committee headed by KP , the Tamil Net said, Political steering of the Eezham Tamil cause is entirely a prerogative of the masses concerned, who have hitherto shown solidarity with a movement that did not surrender either the aim or the struggle.

The only expressed aim of the LTTE had been to divide one third of the land mass of Sri Lanka with two thirds of its coast line and form a new state called Eelam(or Eezham) through an armed struggle.

The LTTE has lost all its fighting cadres and all weapons accumulated throughout more than quarter of a century and will have to start from scratch to go back to its old glory even as a guerilla force.

The Sri Lanka Army is still excavating tons of weapons from where they had been buried.

The statement of the so called executive said, no one can deny the fact that we have experienced massive and irreplaceable losses, losses we would not accept even in our worst dreams.

About 10,000 former fighting cadres of the LTTE are held in Government custody minus the only unifying factor for them, the power of the gun barrel , now disappeared from the hands of the present leadership tells a sordid story about the movement.

The Sri Lanka governments rehabilitation is turning them fast into non-fighters.

It was not immediately clear whether Pathmanathan would get the support of an estimated 800,000 Tamil expatriates living in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries, who are also reportedly fighting one another over the funds.


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