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Monday, 8 June 2009

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Victory due to result of :

Presidentís Leadership Objective Strategy

The great victory over terrorism was achieved through the correct leadership given by President Mahinda Rajapaksa, in setting a correct objective from which he never wavered, in evolving a correct strategy through the appointment of capable leaders of security forces and in providing the military with all necessary infrastructure and hardware to continue the humanitarian operation without obstacles, said Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in an interview with Rupavahini Corporation telecast last Friday.

Another reason for the success was the Presidentís ability to ensure political stability despite many threats such as those that emerged at the time of the Budget debate in Parliament, he said. He also praised the Presidentís diplomatic skills which were particularly seen in the manner the President assured India that its concerns would be looked after.

Indo- Sri Lanka relations developed to an unprecedented friendly level since the President assumed office.

There were constant top level official exchanges of views and opinions throughout the humanitarian operations.

At the same time the President was able to get the help of diverse nations such as Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Libya in our struggle against terrorism as well as for economic development.

The President personally intervened on many occasions contacting heads of States of different countries and informed them of the Sri Lankan position so that when a vote was taken at the Human Rights Council, the majority of member states representing the vast majority of people supported Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka also developed relations with countries in the South East region which were used by the LTTE as centers for arms transshipment and other subversive activities.

The exchange of intelligence information with these countries contributed to the weakening of the LTTE and the use of those territories by the LTTE, the Defence Secretary said.

The Presidentís firm resolve and commitment was a morale booster to the Security Forces as it gave them confidence that the war could be won. The Government values highly great sacrifices made by the members of the Security forces, specially the youth without which the victory could not have been achieved, said the Defence Secretary.

Not only the war heroes, but their families made a great contribution, he added.


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