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Monday, 8 June 2009

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True heroes

For the past 25 years our beloved Sri Lanka has been scourged by the abhorrent evil of terrorism in the shape and form of the LTTE.

Under the brilliant leadership of our brave President Mahinda Rajapaksa this menace has been finally eliminated.

It was providence that gave Sri Lanka a leader of the calibre of Mahinda Rajapaksa at the time that the country was facing a severe crisis and in dire need of a saviour. Against all odds and opposition from within the country, Western media, foreign pundits and other critics, Mahinda Rajapaksa as Commander in Chief of our valiant Armed Forces recaptured lost territory and utterly destroyed the menace of the LTTE from within our shores.

Many countries Western and Eastern are faced with the menace of terrorism and flounder in their half hearted efforts in tackling the problem. May be they should follow the example set by little Sri Lanka and be steadfast and determined as has been demonstrated by our unwavering President.

By his victory Mahinda Rajapaksa has been propelled into the history books along with other famous stalwarts such as Mahathma Gandhi, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Alexander the Great, Lord Nelson, King Dutugemunu and Nelson Mandela. We as a nation owe President Rajapaksa and our Armed Forces a great debt in saving Sri Lanka from total dissection and destruction.

As a retired old soldier may I propose as a tribute to a great leader and our valiant armed services that a Government holiday be established annually as ‘Mahinda Rajapaksa and Heroes’ Day’ on May 16.

This will remind all future generations of the crisis we faced and the leader along with our Armed Forces who liberated the nation from the menace. It will ensure that President Mahinda Rajapaksa will be engraved forever in Sri Lanka’s history books. Long live a united Sri Lanka.

Long live Rajapaksa brothers

The much wanted peace has been brought to Sri Lanka by the aforesaid company and almost 30 years of turmoil has come to an end. All those who love this country can now move about in a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

They can now rest assured that they can live the entire life span without being hindered by ruthless terrorist activities, which brought death and destruction to the humanity.

If not for the said company, peace to this island would be a distant dream. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was a cancer in the body politics of Sri Lanka which affected each and everyone in the country. No body dared to cure it in the past, However, the aforesaid company ably guided by President Mahinda Rajapaksa and valiantly aided by the Security Forces and the Police has managed to eradicate it, bringing eternal peace to Mother Lanka.

Biased reporting by international media

I was amazed to see the CNN visuals of our ceremony on May 22 to felicitate our war heroes. The reporter stood beside an effigy of Parabhakaran laid out on a stretcher. The title given to that news item was Civil War in Sri Lanka.

She said Sri Lanka was celebrating her victory while the Tamils were languishing in Government run welfare camps. The Government she said may be tried for war crimes.

In short what she was telling the world was that the war between Sinhalese and Tamils was over and the Sinhalese were celebrating their victory. It was implied that the effigy was part of the celebrations.

I did not see this effigy when this ceremony was telecast on our local TV though some people may have brought it in, in their enthusiasm. But it is interesting that this is the place the reporter chose to stand, while reporting.

What I did see was a procession of white clad women holding photographs of their loved ones killed in action.

It would have been most appropriate if she showed this to the world; after all that was what the whole ceremony was about in the first place. Would it not be appropriate for the relevant Ministry to educate this reporter?

Ensure self reliance

Sri Lanka made history when its Armed Forces completely wiped out the LTTE who were named as the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world by the FBI, USA. In our memory, armed rebellions have ended either by warring parties have declared a ceasefire or reaching a power sharing agreement as witnessed in the cases of PLO and IRA or by secession as in Kosovo or Chechnya. There is no contemporary example in the world where a democratically elected Government is able to completely crush a rebel organisation without ceding the country as Sri Lanka has successfully demonstrated.

However, the response of the Western world for this remarkable achievement is purely disgusting. Rather than assisting Sri Lanka to settle the IDP’s in their home grounds Western leaders are threatening to take our leaders to international courts on war crimes and also opposing the two billion dollar loan from IMF to Sri Lanka. Rescuing more than 1,000,000 civilians during the military operation is a war crime by Western standards whereas bombing border villages in Pakistan’s Swat valley causing deaths to hundreds of civilians is not a crime against humanity.

What we need to do at this hour is to ensure self reliance and meet the aspirations of the IDPs who trusted the Government and made the cross over with a long term political solution with rapid development of North East Provinces.

Sri Lanka and the United Nations Human Rights Council

Wednesday May 27, 2009 was a red letter day for Sri Lanka which will go down in the nation’s history as the day on which truth triumphed and the country’s honour was vindicated at a meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, held in Geneva.

On this day a Resolution co-sponsored by Sri Lanka, titled ‘Assistance to Sri Lanka in the promotion and protection of Human rights’ was adopted by 29 countries voting for the Resolution and 12 countries voting against it.

This obviously means that the 12 countries that voted against the Resolution are against assisting another member country of the United Nations Organisation in the promotion and protection of Human Rights. Assistance for the propagation of human rights should be universal and not selective.

Will the United Nations Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay tell us whether the 12 countries that voted against this resolution have a moral right to remain member nations of the United Nations Human Rights Council any longer?

Further the 12 countries that voted against this resolution have told the world in no uncertain terms that they are against assisting Sri Lanka in the promotion and protection of human rights in that country.

Thus it is clear that their policy is not to assist in the propagation of human rights in at least one member state of the UNO.

Will these countries that voted against the resolution tell the world that their conduct has not amounted to contravening the basic objective of the council of promoting human rights throughout all nation of the world?

President’s inspiring leadership

My heartfelt, sincere and warm, congratulations to President Rajapaksa being conferred an Honorary Degree by the University of Colombo, and being conferred the title Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishware by the Prelates of the Malwatha and Asgiri Chapters.

It is undoubtedly, President Rajapaksa’s inspiring and noble leadership, dedicated patriotism, visionary and heroic acts of valour, that shone in wiping out terrorism and liberating our Motherland in the war torn Diaspora of the North and East.

This is one of the most celebrated and greatest victories our Motherland has achieved ever since our Motherland gained independence from the British in 1948. President Rajapaksa is undoubtedly the ‘Abraham Lincoln of Sri Lanka’ having won a ‘Separatist War’ against all pressures especially from the world outside and changed the course of history for our Motherland forever.

It is my earnest hope and prayer that President Rajapaksa and his team continue to be rewarded with meritorious awards for the noble, heroic and inspiring leadership, displayed during our Motherland’s ‘Darkest Hour of Peril’, since Independence.

May he continue to lead our Motherland with the development of the Northern and Eastern regions importantly and the Nation for many more years to come. May God’s showered and choicest blessings be with him and our Motherland and be blessed with eternal happiness, peace and longevity always.


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