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Monday, 8 June 2009

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Asiri Hospital introduces flow cytometry diagnosis

The Asiri Hospital Laboratories has introduced the flow cytometry diagnostic technique making advanced health care easily accessible to patients in the country.

Flow cytometry is an important technique applied to measure leukemia and other blood cancers as well as infectious diseases i.e HIV and hepatitis. This technique uses complex fluids, laser optics and computers in its diagnostic approaches enabling 100 percent accuracy in identifying up to one-in-a-million cells.

Flow cytometry diagnosis, offered by Asiri Laboratories, in collaboration with the Haematology Unit, is the only one of its kind available in any private hospital in Sri Lanka. "I believe that by investing in such a modern and accurate tool for treatment, we are fulfilling an obligation to our patients and the health care system in the country," said Chief Operating Officer of ASIRI Hospitals, Dr. Manjula Karunaratne.

Dr. K. D. G. Jayaweera, Head of Transfusion Medicine, ASIRI Hospitals, said, "This advanced technology is new to Sri Lanka and is top of the range in reliability and accuracy." Patients suffering from blood disorders can be assured that with proper diagnosis, the treatment will be faster and more effective.

This Rs. 15 million investment will include, along with flow cytometry, apparatus for research and development of stem cells, bleeding disorders, and even monitoring of therapy in HIV patients.

Consultant Haematologist in charge of flow cytometry at ASIRI Hospitals, Dr. Lallindra Gooneratne, said that flow cytometry is an essential tool for the diagnosis, classification, prediction of prognosis and monitoring of treatment in haematologic neoplasms.

"We can now set the parameters to detect the state of the patient's immune system and start on the right medication sooner than previously when samples had to be sent overseas," he said.

A scientific advisor from BD Biosciences, India Dr. Paresh Jain, is working with the Asiri medical and clinical teams to facilitate the flow cytometry. "We have imparted our knowledge through training and consultations and ensure that the Asiri team is now fully geared to interpret and understand the applications," he said.


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