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DateLine Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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US Ambassador going beyond his mandate - Weerawansa

National Freedom Front Leader Wimal Weerawansa yesterday accused US Ambassador Robert O. Blake for going beyond his mandate issuing statements about media freedom in Sri Lanka.

“He has no right to issue statements about the internal matters of the country,” Weerawansa added.

Weerawansa said that it was strange that those who are issuing statements about internal matters of the country are keeping silent when LTTE terrorists are shooting at civilians. “Doesn’t he have any feelings about the human rights violations of those who have been forcibly kept under LTTE control,” he added.

“We urge him to get the international community to exert pressure on the LTTE to release the civilian population without acting beyond his mandate,” he further said.

He said his party has decided to ask the Foreign Ministry to explain the real situation to the international community.

Addressing the media at the NFF Head Office Weerawansa said our valiant Forces achieved a historic victory in the North with minimum damage to civilians and their properties while the LTTE was killing innocent Tamil civilians who were trying to flee from the clutches of the LTTE to protect themselves.

“Our brave Forces have shown the world how to carry out a war with the least damage to civilians and their properties,” he noted. Weerawansa said a conspiracy is being hatched locally and internationally against the military victory in the North and this must be stopped.

He observed that at a time when great victories are being achieved against terrorism in the North and the capture of LTTE strongholds Elephant Pass, Kilinochchi and the opening of A-9 Road, no room will be allowed to see the death of democracy in the South. He said the assassination of veteran media personnel Lasantha Wickremetunga and the attack on the MBC Network were also a conspiracy carried out by the mischievous elements to tarnish the image of the Government.

Weerawansa also noted that the Government is committed to afford protection to all and the assassins would be brought to book who ever committed it. He urged Human Rights organisations to take immediate steps to release innocent civilians who have been kept by the LTTE as hostage. At present, a large number of innocent Tamil civilians including children, women and elders have been detained by the LTTE.

The LTTE is brutally assassinating those who try to flee from their control, Weerawansa added.

He also spoke of the necessity for taking stringent action against those who assassinate prominent persons. Weerawansa said that Opposition Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe is carrying out false propaganda against the Government locally and internationally. This treacherous act must be stopped.

Propaganda Secretary Anurudda Ratnayake and Administrative Secretary Achala Jagoda were also present.


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