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DateLine Tuesday, 13 January 2009

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A desperate, despicable act

The gunning down of civilians by the LTTE to prevent a mass exodus into Government controlled areas is a most barbaric act that should be deplored and condemned by all those who value human life and personal freedom.

It is clear now that the outfit is on its last legs and hence would resort to the most extreme measures to salvage itself. Its desperation now knows no bounds in the wake of fall of Kilinochchi and loss of virtually all terrain under its control barring Mulaithivu which is poised to be captured at any moment.

On Saturday the LTTE shot dead seven civilians including two children who were on the run. Yet civilians keep on pouring into safe havens set up by the Government to accommodate them.

In the course of two days some prior to Saturday over 200 civilians had sought refuge with the Army. This no doubt is what is galling to the outfit who lay claim to being the sole representatives of the Tamil people.

If the exodus continues at its current pace the LTTE is going to lose the main platform of its so called liberation struggle.

For very soon they would not have the people to represent and thus will go their Eelam dream in a puff of smoke.

This they want to prevent at all cost. That is why they have made examples of civilians by shooting them to act as a deterrent on the one hand while herding over 100,000 people into a tiny pocket in Kilinochchi under the most primitive conditions.

According to TULF leader V. Anandasangaree men, women and children have been driven to Kilinochchi like cattle from Mannar, Vavunia and Mulaithivu by the LTTE unable to face the advancing Government Forces.

He said the LTTE is keeping these people for the sole purpose of being used as a human shield. Where are those doughty human right advocates who are quick to spot infringements of the Government real or imagined, at the drop of a hat?

What have they got to say to the latest barbarity of the LTTE in gunning down defenceless civilians for the crime of seeking escape from their ordeal. Where are those do gooders who carried mock coffins of a slain TNA politician not so long ago.

Or are the lives of politicians advocating separatism more valuable than the lives of innocent civilians? The NGOs funded scribes too remain unmasked in this regard.We are yet to see them deploring this latest massacre in their columns which are not so subtle as to where their sympathies lay.

The Government for its part should spotlight this multiple killing of innocent civilians before the world to unmask the true nature of the LTTE which is masquerading as the sole liberators of the Tamil race.

It is sad that no condemnation has been forthcoming from Tamil Nadu politicians who have been weeping buckets for their brethren across the Palk strait. These politicians take pains to explain that they are only concerned with the suffering of Tamil civilians as against the LTTE.

Then why have they not condemned the LTTE for this heinous crime. This surely unmask them for who they are.The Government for its part should do its utmost to ensure the protection of these civilians who are only seeking a new lease of life away from their bondage. Steps should also be taken for speedy rehabilitation of these hapless souls and integrate them into mainstream of life.

Student deaths

The death by drowning of two 13 year old male students in the Kotmale Oya as reported in the media no doubt would have caused shock and grief to many especially all parents of school going offspring.

The victims were among a group of 60 students who were on a school sponsored project to do with environment. They were accompanied by three teachers. It is reported that some of the students went for a bath and three of them were caught in the current. Only one of them was rescued. This is indeed a tragedy which could have been avoided only if the teachers were more vigilant.Meanwhile the parents claimed the teachers had not obtained their permission to go on the trip.

A protest was planned by the parents against the school authorities. Be that as it may the Education Ministry should lay certain guidelines governing recreational outings especially during these times when students are more rebellious and independent in attitude and tend to defy authority.

This is not the first time that tragedies have occurred during school excursions. Bathing and other risky ventures should be made taboo and written consent should be obtained from Parents before such trips.

The Great Genocide game

Genocide is an extremely ugly action. Unfortunately it is now seen also as a word that can be used, while conveying the idea of something ugly, to ensure results that are also ugly, in a very different way. In short, the word is used exploitatively, to denigrate and indeed to do down others by playing on emotions.

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A little bit of modern history

A Cabinet Minister of Britain once described an Asian leader as the “best bloody Englishman east of Suez.” There were two other likely candidates who could have easily filled that role, but he had only one person in mind.

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Kilinochchi victory and end of slavish mentality

The victory at Kilinochchi has brought to a close 500 years of imperialist domination and servitude, and the beginning of a new era where we can say proudly that the vista of our past glories have come again to guide nurture and inspire our nation on this new road.

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