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DateLine Wednesday, 16 April 2008

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Is weeding unproductive?

I wish to share my views on the above subject with others in the trade. The above assignment is costly, but is essential due to the following reasons. However, some are of the opinion that weeding undertaken on estates and plantations are unproductive, which depends on how and when this work is undertaken, and for what purpose.

If it is undertaken more frequently than actually necessary, it definitely comes under the above category, but if not, it cannot be classified as above, as then it becomes a major contributor to achieving additional production, thereby making same a productive assignment, without which harvesting of all available crops would not be possible, thereby losing crop and revenue.

The above assignment when undertaken on a given cycle maintains satisfactory ground conditions strengthening security of the plantation, thereby reducing thieving as well, making supervision easy.

Similar to overgrasing, overweeding is also very harmful to plantations, hence this work to be undertaken when necessary only.

On coconut plantations preferably prior to picking of crop, facilitating free movement of pickers with picking poles and workers for gathering and transporting of pick and fallen nuts. Accordingly, a round of weeding once every other pick is recommended, depending on the prevalent weather of course.

To experience the benefit of this exercise, one could allow weeds to overgrow and undertake harvesting of crops, which will give negative results.

The above is due to ring pickers, gatherers and transporters being prevented from exploring all areas of such a plantation giving a reduction in crop, whereas once cleared of the above unsatisfactory condition would indicate opposite results, due to all palms being harvested, collected and accounted for.

Under the above circumstances, if one were to admit the above as an unproductive assignment, I am certain those with experience will agree with me that it is not a penny wise pound foolish exercise.

After all, if you spend Rs. 25,000 on an assignment which gives a return of Rs. 50,000 that is what administration is all about and not vice versa, which is a folly and should be avoided.

Marassana-Ududeniya Road needs repairs

I was surprised to find that the condition of the road from Marassana to Ududeniya to be in a deplorable state.

I made this discovery during my visit to this area.

The road was full of potholes, pits, scattered gravels, metals etc. which impeded the smooth movement of vehicles.

Pedestrians were always at the risk of being splashed by muddy, dirty water whenever vehicles passed by them.

Schoolchildren often get their white uniforms spoiled by the splashing of water.

Residents of Ududeniya live in houses which have been built on hilly places and access to these areas, is very difficult specially for visitors.

Let the authorities concerned open their eyes to embark upon the repairs of the damaged roads for the convenience of the inhabitants of the Ududeniya region.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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