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DateLine Wednesday, 16 April 2008

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Adara Meena - a production that ends in smoke!

An empty bag cannot stand upright. There is no honey without a sting. A well is not filled with dew. Many a good sword is in a bad sheath.

All these proverbs and idioms like to beat the air, to end in smoke and to flog a dead horse are appropriate to explain the main features of the new film Adara Meena. The theme and the plot are weak. The story is just an unbelievable concoction of unintegrated events.

A scene from Adara Meena

Where is the social environment related context in this so called creative cinematic production?

In its narrative a Tamil pretty young girl escapes the brutal attacks of some terrorists in Jaffna; finds her way to the South (Colombo) and by her good luck becomes the adopted daughter of a kind and wealthy Sinhala couple. She becomes a lady doctor; gets involved in a love affair with a Sinhala youth from an aristocratic family. There is also belicose, blackmailing over spilt milk.

The director and producer of this film have had the best human resources, for making this film a remarkably context sensitive film. Douglas Ransinghe, Geeta Kanthi Jayakody, Baptist Fernando, Sriyani Amarasena and Roshan Pilapitiya could have contributed their innate talents. Then what about Cletus Mendis, who plays the role of a cardboard fighter most of the time.

The producer and the director must eschew whatever is said bad about this film. It is a bad practice to tamper with hard earned financial resources and waste energy on superfine technology alone, merely to appease the green horns.

Jokes, dances, songs and unexpected unbelievable events constitute the entire body of this film. These were the conventional elements which have been reinforced by extraordinary feats of superman fights of the hero and even the heroine against the villians.

And finally the hidden identities are revealed, ideological differences are settled, all physical and ideological hurdles are overcome and the lovers rejoin and rejoice. Still, this stereotype formula in film making seems to mesmerise the film makers.

What is the effect of this film upon the general audience? Is it able to raise noble emotions in them? What has been the objective of the film maker?

Has there been a revelation of a noble truth? Unfortunately a critic would not find a vision or imaginative use of cinematic language in Adara Meena. Even the talents of the veteran and promising actors have been drowned in the vale of missed opportunities.......


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