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DateLine Wednesday, 30 January 2008

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Deadly road crossings in Colombo city’s one way traffic routes

The traffic flow on the Colombo city limits, roads have been changed. As a result, the volume of traffic and the vehicles’ speed have increased.

This has become a deadly issue to the pedestrians who want to cross these one way roads.

Vehicles approach on four to six lanes at very high speeds on these roads.

Therefore, a pedestrian who is going to cross the road has to wait until the road gets cleared. But the drivers maintain a very high speed. Therefore pedestrians are unable to find a clear time slot to cross the road. There were several fatal accidents in these areas recently.

This has become even more dangerous specially after dark. The people who travel in their own vehicles will never be able experience this situation. I think this is the very reason that the responsible authorities are not taking any action.

Protect letter box from vandals

Reference my letter under ‘Over to you, P.M.G. and the P.M.G.’s reply published in the Daily News of September 7, 2007, I am glad that the Postmaster-General K.A.S. Senadeera himself attended to the matter for which you yourself have given so much prominence.

Anyway, I thought of writing this letter because I find that the door of the recently repaired and painted letter box at the Namal - Araliya Mawatha Junction has been entirely removed in the night and taken away, leaving the box quite open.

Unless the police are informed and they apprehend the culprits (vandals) and give them deterrent punishment, it would be a case of making (repairing) and breaking. I do not know why these unscrupulous elements are causing such senseless destruction, inconveniencing so many people.

Plight of stray dogs on streets

We all now know that the killing of stray dogs has been completely stopped on a directive given by the President and that any one can observe their rising populations in cities and other urbanised areas.

They wonder here and there, in search of food and many scavenge around places where garbage is dumped. It is heart burning to see their struggle for survival and it is pretty obvious that they cannot find enough food to fend for themselves, from the garbage disposed of.

They are eternally on the move for food and almost every one bears wounds and other fungal and bacterial infections, showing their miserable life.

Some are almost devoid of fur due to various infections. Bitches could be seen with pups and how they feed the pups is quite unimaginable. Very many can be seen inflicted with various types of diseases.

We all are aware that for centuries dogs and cats are the most trusted friends of mankind.

Besides that, it is a well-known fact that we have thrown these hapless creatures to the streets and we are responsible for the agonies they undergo at present.

In cities, specially in market places, we wander through, to fulfil our household requirements, we never notice or do not bother to notice, the predicaments that these creatures undergo at these places.

However, very recently, a soothing news was seen in a Sinhala daily newspaper, i.e. the Anuradhapura Urban Council is going to establish a shelter for stray dogs on a two-acre block of land and an NGO is assisting the Urban Council for the maintenance of it, including providing much needed veterinary care.

This will be a relief to all animal lovers and certainly an example to other Local Authorities, as well.

Certainly, there would be so many philanthropists to assist the local authorities, if they really want to establish similar compassionate ventures in their respective areas.

We are hopeful that the Government will take into account the much needed rights to survival of these creatures when enacting the Animal Welfare Act, in the near future.

National Federation of Senior Citizens

The above captioned news item appeared in the Daily News of January 21, is a great relief for all senior citizens of this country.

Although the Social Services Department has issued a card to the senior citizens of this country over facilities in medicine, banks, transport etc., it is not recognised anywhere.

This is because the officials of the Social Services Department have miserably failed to educate the officials concerned over the aims of the Department of Social Service.

I urge and pray that the Federation of the Senior Citizens will bring relief to all suffering senior citizens of this country specially in transport, medical, local Government administration work etc, under Mahinda Chintanaya.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service
Ceylinco Banyan Villas

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