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DateLine Saturday, 26 May 2007

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Rally Round the College Flag:

Bringing Thomians under one flag

If you happen to be at the hall of S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia in the evenings these days, you will be surprised at what you will witness. The settings of the hall, the music reaching your ears and the voices that blend into the music will take you to a Western theatre.

This is Rally Round the College Flag and Thomians are busy getting ready for this event of magnitude which will take place on May 25, 26, 27 and June 1, 2 and 3 at 7.30 pm.

Starting with the production of Jith Peiris in 2003, Rally Round has come a long way. The innovative production covers Broadway, TV and film music. This year it will feature 275 boys ranging from five to 18 years. The kindergarten and form ones will perform the kids' songs from Barney. The eight-10 year old will sing their favourites from Parent trap, Lion King, the Jungle Book.

The middle school will sing songs from King and I, Wild Cat, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Friends while the senior section will bring you songs from Les Miserables, Aspect of Love, etc.

Juriensz Shadrach, 18, said it is a different show.

"I have participated in the past two rally rounds. This time it is different. We had a lot of past pupils taking part earlier but this time it's mostly the present students. We get a chance to sing and act. Lot of talent comes up through this. It is an opportunity to unfold the talents," he said.




"At the same time it is fun. We have a lot of responsibilities. We are not nervous. We are looking forward to this great show. It will be like a mini carnival. Everyone will enjoy. It is going to be like a family event for present and past Thomians," he added.

Shehan Mendis, 17 said the show will be very professional. "This time we will present a rally round in a different style. There are more songs that people know. This time the show will be in our school hall. It gives the College effect. It is fun working with others. Sometimes it is difficult to handle the small ones but it is interesting. It will be the union of the Thomian Family," Shehan said.

"We enjoy practices very much. At the beginning it was difficult. Now everything is moving smoothly. We have to sacrifice the time but it is fun. This is a big opportunity for everyone to showcase their talents," Suranthaka Cabraal, 15, said.

Mikhail Benedict, 13, added that he enjoys practising for the show. "It is really fun. We have practices till late night. There is more action-taking place and we have different costumes to suit the songs. Those days I was very shy but taking part in events of this nature has changed me. Now I can go forward confidently. I enjoy participating in this event," he said.

Ishen Pilapitiya, 15 said this year they are going to have a better show. "This time some of us are participating as seniors. Everyone enjoys. We are like a family. Boys are talented and their singing is superb. All age groups are supportive. We feel




 homely because this time we will have the event in our college hall. There is no tension. We work like a team and we are sure going to have a great show," Ishen explained.

"In the earlier Rally Rounds I didn't have much experience. This time I know what is happening behind the scene. We have experience singing with the past seniors. It is fun and we enjoy every moment of practices. We are working together to improve our talents and present a great show," Chamindra Senanayake, 15, said.

Amila Gunasena, 18 has taken part in Rally Round 2 and 3. "After the event you are sure to come out as a better person. We can improve our abilities. We discipline ourselves. We learn to be punctual. There is a lot to learn. Our personality builds. It is also fun to be with our friends. You get to know many people. At the end somebody you never knew will be your best friend," he said.

Amila said he doesn't feel the time pass when practising. "Practices are wonderful. It adds a lot of joy. We have put in a lot of hard work and we will have a brilliant show," he added.

Marlon Jesudason, 15, spoke about the costumes of the event. "The costumes are colourful. We have various costumes to




suit the songs. I am looking forward for the show. Everybody will come together and it will be a grand event," he said.

"It is a new experience. It has enriched us. I am also in the Western Band. I don't feel nervous about the event. We all are confident. We have practised hard and we will have a successful Rally Round this time also," Yuwin Jayampathy, 14, said.

Without the maestro Vinodh Senadeera having this show would be impossible. He brings out the talents of these youngsters and make them stars. "This is the first time I am directing Rally Round. It is challenging but these students should be given prominence. It is a good opportunity to bring out their hidden talents. Children get exposed and they feel that they are worth through this event," he said.

Thomians invite all of you to experience their talents and enjoy an exquisite show, which will definitely be a memorable one.

Mahanama Prefects' Day on a different note

Mahanama College celebrated the Prefects' Day recently. The head prefect and deputy head prefects spoke to Daily News Teen

Mahanama College Prefects with the Principal, Deputy Principal and Masters in charge.

 about the grand event.

Gayan Premaratne, head prefect of Mahanama College said they had a splendid show. "Nearly 45 schools participated. We invited outstation schools also. There was maximum participation. Schools from Kandy, Galle and Katugastota participated. This time the idea was different. This time we thought of taking the prefects to another planet," he said.

"Scientists are already planning to explore Mars. The young generation will be involved in these new inventions and explorations. Under the theme `Giving a lead towards a better life on Mars', the presentations and animations were like on Mars.

We had a drama also and it was great. Everybody appreciated it. It was a new experience," Gayan explained.

He added there was a lot of pressure until the end of the show.

"We had to manage all matters. We had a good team of prefects. Especially past prefects helped us. Masters guided and corrected us," he said.

Students at the Prefects’ Day

Rasika Gunawardena added that it was the best event they ever had. "All who participated said it was a new experience. It was a team effort. Many students were involved in this. As prefects we handle all the projects and assist in every way we can," he said.

"It was the best Prefects' Day. We had several outstation schools. We had group activities for them. It was wonderful. Everybody enjoyed while enhancing their knowledge," Viranga Goonathilake said.

Damitha Gamage said the event started around noon and went on till 6.30. "There were leadership-training programmes on that day. There was a lecture and everyone enjoyed every item we had.

We had a lot of responsibility. We handled all the duties together," he said.

"We spent a long time preparing for this event. We got a lot of support from past prefects. The theme was different and we enjoyed. It was a very successful event," Rivindhu Chandrasekara said.

Bhupathi Fonseka added that it was a new experience. "Some schools do not have prefect days.

We shared our knowledge with others. I had to manage the items and the prefects had to look into everything. We had a lot of pleasure in organising the event. Everybody stayed till the end," he said.

They thanked the Principal, Premalal Kumarasiri, Deputy Principal, G.Y. Jayasinghe, Masters in charge Siril Silva and S. S. Colombage, teachers and past prefects for their untiring support in organising this event.

My achievements

I am a Grade 10 student of Nalanda College, Colombo. I am 14 years. With my computer knowledge I planned to write a book and publish it. The book title - Computer Hardware Engineering Technology written in Sinhala was a result of my dream.

I was encouraged by my parents and my sister. The book was launched at the Public Library Auditorium at Kurunegala on April 2, 2007. It was the happiest day of my life.

The Chief Speaker Sathischandra Edirisinghe praised me saying that writing a book on this subject by a 14-year student is a rare achievement. Sunil Poramadala and other speakers agreed with him and praised me.

I successfully completed the computer software course at Tec Sri Lanka and followed a Computer Hardware Diploma Course at Raytronics Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd. I learned more by myself with my computer, presented by my parents for my 10th birthday.

I have done many extra curricular activities in my school as well as education. I was the junior secretary of the Junior Computer Society in 2005 and 2006. I was a prize winner from Grade 6 to Grade 8. I was also selected for Grade 9. In the contest of the Best Junior Nalandian in 2006, I was among the first three students.

I was a member of the Hockey Team, Vocal Team, Badminton Club and Swimming Club. I was the monitor and the leader of many subjects in every grades. I was also a school prefect this year.

In the Dhamma School, I passed all exams from Grade 6 to Grade 9 with Distinctions while being a prefect.

I have also participated in various children's programmes on Radio and Television. I have also won many prizes from children's papers and television and radio programmes.

The principal of Nalanda College, vice principals, teachers, my friends and relations have understood that I have proved to be a talented youngster. All of them love me and I think I am the happiest child in the world. My parents and my sister are very proud of me.

I dream to be an engineer in the computer field, after finishing my studies and I am sure I can do it.

Janaka Maduwantha Dias Senanayake, Grade 10 F, Nalanda College, Colombo.

Lankan teens add colours to Thai cultural festival

FESTIVAL: Ashanthi Thathsarani and Nethmini Shanthadeva of Sri Sangamiththa Balika Vidyalaya, Nivarthana Priyanjini of Kalutara Balika National School, Nayumi Oshini Liyanage of Royal English School and P. D. Anju Shri Kalpana Perera of Wadduwa Central College participated in a cultural festival in Bangkok, Thailand.

This was organised by the Children Skills Development Programme (CSDP). CSDP will take selected children to participate in an Indian cultural show in June. They will also take children to the Greek and Sweden drama festivals in August.

Those who like to participate in these events can obtain details from CSDP on 0112-689536, 0112-672718 or 0115-751593.


Gamin Gamata - Presidential Community & Welfare Service

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