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DateLine Friday, 11 May 2007

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Overseas School celebrates 50th anniversary

ANNIVERSARY: This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Overseas School of Colombo, which was known as the Overseas Children’s School. The school will celebrate its 50th anniversary with many events throughout the year starting with the Founders’ Day held on September 22 and ending with a Charity Ball on June 9.

The Charity Ball, which is to be held at the Colombo Hilton Ballroom focuses on raising funds for the Rehabilitation Centre for the Communication Impaired. All celebrations throughout this year were similarly focused on raising funds to construct permanent facilities for the RCCI and their differently-abled children.

Many ex-students and staff are expected to fly into Sri Lanka from around the world to attend the Charity Ball at which the locally based alumni and teachers are looking forward to meeting up with their old classmates and friends.

All past students and staff are being invited to be a part of this grand event. The influx of past students and staff disproves the common myth that students attending international schools do not have lasting friendships with their expatriate classmates.

One reason for this strong bond between students and the school is the atmosphere at OSC which is as unique as the school is pioneering.

With the ending of our year long 50th anniversary celebrations, we take stock of who we were and who we have become.

The world has changed beyond recognition in the past five decades, our campuses and teaching methods along with it. However, the spirit that our founding elders have so carefully sown has thrived and grown to bare wondrous fruit. The school motto: ‚ÄúUnity in Diversity‚ÄĚ has grown beyond mere words, beyond a credo to encompass the very essence which has touched the hearts and lives of every member of our community, be they student, staff or parent and that is a glorious achievement.

The ultimate accolade that OSC has received, far more valuable to us than any of our numerous international accreditations and certificates, is the sentiment echoed by innumerable past students over the years: ‚ÄúThe years that I spent at OSC have been the best years of my life!‚ÄĚ

- A. Wittachy (OCS Class of ‚Äė94)


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